The News We Don’t Hear

One aspect of our corporate owned media that is seldom discussed is the fact that Americans seldom get all the news. It is bad enough that what news we get is often twisted with very important relevant material left out. That is only a portion of it.

Just as important as the twisted news we do get is the fact that many stories never see the light of day because the corporations that own most of our news gathering and distribution simply do not want stories on certain subjects to be reported on.

Fox is easily among the worst and for this offense. As millions marched around the world in protest of the new president Fox ignored the fact that such marches were even going on. This was very reminiscent of the whole cable news industry virtually ignoring worldwide protests as George W. Bush prepared his invasion of Iraq.


Thom Hartmann recently discussing this very problem in an article on

“Our so-called “free trade” deals are giveaways to huge multinationals, who now can even force national laws to be struck down, and serve mostly to cement the profits of billionaires and transnationals (this goes waaaaay beyond the “offshoring jobs” Trump talking point). Because these trade deals put multinational corporate “courts” above the laws of our own nation, they should rightly be called treaties, which require two-thirds of the Senate to ratify; instead, since Nixon, they’ve been called “trade agreements” and repeatedly passed by tiny majorities with Republican support over Democratic opposition.

While pundits rant about crime in Chicago, nobody mentions the estimated 100,000 people who die every year from workplace-related diseases, the 65,000 who die from mostly fossil fuel-related air pollution, or the 400,000 Americans killed every year by the tobacco industry. At the same time we hyperventilate about street crime and drugs, corporate criminals and banksters destroy working class families with much higher frequency than burglars or robbers but are almost never, ever jailed.


People ask, “Why doesn’t the main “cable news” network cover all the opposition to the giant mergers that are happening?” The easy answer: their parent company is trying to merge with giant telco/ISP company, and is itself the product of multiple mergers.

People ask, “Why doesn’t the conservative TV network ever talk about wealth inequality or billionaire control of the GOP?” The easy answer: a billionaire largely owns their parent company.

People ask, “Why doesn’t public radio do investigative reporting on corporate malfeasance anymore, and instead regularly has on spokespeople for corporate-funded right-wing think tanks?” The easy answer: they’re now funded in substantial part by corporate money.”


This is an important article on America’s for profit media. Democracy will not stand for long with only partial and one-sided reporting of issues. Independent media is one of the very core needs for a democracy to remain vibrant.

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