Sunday Funday: The Opposition Edition

What might have been

As more and more research shows what went on during the last election it becomes increasingly clear that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats fought not just the Republican party, but a myriad of wealthy individuals and groups that have as much funding as the Democrats by themselves. Besides Republicans, Clinton had to fight the Koch brothers and their octopus of campaign organizations, Robert Mercer, Citizens United and others from this country. Add to that who knows what Russia and Putin spent on Republican campaigns in 2016 not only in dollars, but also in time and other in kind donations. It probably added up to more than the others put together.

Add in to the mix the the gerrymandering in the House that was put in after the 2010 census and you begin to realize that 1) this was never a fair fight and 2) the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by an overwhelming amount was quite a feat.

Were you paying attention?

1) The administration seemed desperate to find a foreign policy. By week’s end they decided to bomb what country?

2) Jobs numbers came in on Friday. Were they much higher or much lower than expected?

3) Mayor Bill DiBlasio of New York vowed to shut what iconic prison in New York over the last weekend?

4) Another strange charge without evidence came from the administration last week when what former NSA was accused of unmasking members of the incoming administration?

5) Jon Crews, late mayor of Cedar Falls died Thursday. He drew national headlines when he was first elected as mayor at what young age?

6) Today is one of the most significant days in American history. What momentous event took place April 9th, 1865?

7) Late Friday afternoon (local time) a truck crashed into a department store in an apparent terrorist attack in what normally calm world capitol?

8) In an unexpected move, the current president signed an executive order rolling back protections for what group of workers?

9) Beginning the day after Easter (April 17th) what state will be executing 8 prisoners before the end of the month in order to use its execution cocktail drugs before they expire April 30th?

10) What so-called news show is seeing a mass exit of its advertisers as the star of the show continues to be accused of sexual harassment?

11) What teams were the winners of the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball championships?

12) The Civil War begins on April 12, 1861 as Confederate troops open fire on federal troops located at what facility?

13) What pro sports organization said it will not send its players to compete in the 2018 Olympics?

14) The current president donated $78,000 to the National Park Service last week. How much has he proposed to cut from their budget?

15) The invocation at the Iowa House was given Wednesday by a member of what group?

16) What two insurance companies pulled out of the Iowa market for ACA individual insurance for 2018?

17) How old is new SCOTUS justice Neil Gorsuch?

18) LULAC is calling for a boycott of what Iowa made ice cream brand because the owners of the brand support Congressman Steve King?

19) The official face for the launch of Cherry Coke in China is what American? (hint: he’s the oracle of Omaha)

20) An internal war seems to be breaking out between what two high level advisors in the administration?

Looks like spring is here and it will be time to get out the %$#(*&^) lawn mower.


1) Syria

2) much lower

3) Riker’s Island

4) Susan Rice

5) 24

6) Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House, Va.

7) Stockholm, Sweden

8) women

9) Arkansas

10) The O’Reilly Factor

11) Men’s: North Carolina, Women’s: South Carolina

12) Fort Sumter, South Carolina

13) National Hockey League – 2018 is the Winter Olympics

14) $2 billion or 12%. $78,000 doesn’t make up much of the shortfall

15) Atheists Eastern Iowa Atheists to be specific

16) Wellmark and Aetna

17) 49 – could be around tip 2060 or so

18) Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream

19) Warren Buffet

20) Steve Bannon and presidential son-in-law Jared Kurshner. May they both lose!

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