Sunday Funday: Frederick Douglass For The Win Edition

here comes the cabinet

It was almost as if Frederick Douglass reached from beyond the grave to make a fool out of our buffoon of a president. When asked about Frederick Douglass, our buffoon of a president responded:
“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”

Everyone immediately caught on that the president had no idea just who Douglass was. Somehow I just have to believe that Frederick Douglass put the words in the president’s mouth. Somewhere I just have to think Frederick Douglass once more made a fool of a racist. Thank you, Frederick Douglass for one more lesson.

It is black history month (for the Trump lovers, the other 11 months, and really February also, are white history months) so we will throw in a couple of questions in that area.

Were you paying attention?

1) A Navy Seal unit in convoy near Lexington, Kentucky Sunday was spotted flying what flag from at least one of their vehicles?

2) Who remembers the Bowling Green Massacre? Apparently only what presidential spokesperson?

3) Who was the first African-American to run for president?

4) In a really odd omission, Trump failed to mention what group in his Holocaust remembrance speech?

5) In an act reminiscent of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, who was fired over a stated position that would not defend a presidential policy?

6) The Dred Scott case (Dred Scott vs. Sanford). Who won?

7) On a phone call, president 45 threatened the leader of what country he might invade them?

8) On another rancorous phone call, president 45 simply hung up on what supposed ally?

9) 30 year old shoemake Homer Plessy refusal to move from a Whites only railcar led to what policy expressed by the Supreme Court?

10) What company lost over 200,000 customers when that company took advantage of a New York taxi strike over 45’s Muslim ban?

11) On a party line vote the Iowa Senate passed a bill that would defund what organization?

12) Nordstrom’s announced Thursday that it would no longer carry whose clothing line?

13) 0 sum game: 45 signed an order stating that for every new regulation an agency must eliminate how many regulations?

14) The Alan Turing law was passed in the UK. This will clear 49,000 people of crimes based on the fact that they were what?

15) Jim Crow laws were state laws that did what?

16) What other two countries also celebrate black history month?

17) What man had the most no votes ever by far for any Secretary of State confirmation?

18) SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch’s mother Anne held what cabinet post under Reagan?

19) How many black governors have there been in the US?

20) Loving vs. Virginia ended what discriminatory practice in 1967?

It has only been two weeks??? We must support each other. It will be a long and rough road.


1) a blue flag with “TRUMP” on it.

2) KellyAnne Conway. 45 probably does too

3) Shirley Chisholm (1972 I believe)

4) Jews.

5) Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General. She said her department could not defend Trump’s Muslim ban

6) Sanford. Scott was determined to be property of his owner in a 7-2 vote

7) Mexico.

8) Malcolm Turnbull, PM of Australia

9) “Separate but Equal”

10) Uber

11) Planned Parenthood

12) Ivanka Trump’s. Seems no one is buying it

13) 2 regulations. eventual we have no regulations left.

14) Gay. Laws they were convicted under no longer exist

15) enforced segregation

16) Canada (February) and the UK (October)

17) Tillerson. he had 43. Henry Clay with 14 no votes and Condi Rice with 13 are next

18) She was the head of the EPA and pretty much dismantled it

19) 2 – Doug Wilder in Virginia and Devol Patrick in Mass.

20) bans on interracial marriage

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