Buy Senator Ernst’s Vote

Or DeVos, too.

A gofundme page has sprung up to try to outbid DeVos for Ernst’s vote:

Betsy DeVos gave* $2,600 to Sen. Joni Ernst, whose vote is now pivotal inDeVos’s nomination fight (If one more Republican commits to vote “no” DeVos loses). We suggest raising $2,601.00 to outbid** DeVos and get OUR senator to vote no on the Ernst nomination!

*This according to
**Actually if we meet our goal the money will go to Planned Parenthood of Iowa

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1 Response to Buy Senator Ernst’s Vote

  1. Scott says:

    This baby boomer wants to come back to Iowa. (I left to get a job, unlike these lazy white people, who complain …. about everything but themselves.) But these Koch fascists make it hard to come back to a state I love. Can we take the state back? It appears that the Kochs are down to the libraries and scholars boards in Iowa. What’s up?


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