Sunday Funday: Betsy Devos Is A Twit Edition

Normally I try to stay light for the Sunday morning quiz. After watching several tapes of Betsy De Vos avoiding Democratic questions at her confirmation hearing, I decided the lightness of her intellect would so fit in with a Sunday morning. Hard to believe that someone who spent any time in a private education system could come out so devoid of substance. What is not hard to believe is that she would be an extreme radical Republican pick to make a mockery of education in this country. Remember as she sets us back in education, the rest of the world will be plunging ahead leaving us way behind.

Were you Paying attention?

1) Among the pardons that President Obama did NOT grant was one to what former Alabama governor?

2) Walter Shaub, Jr. has what now critical government as we enter the Trump era?

3) What Trump appointee thought his department was a goodwill ambassador for the gas and oil industry?

4) As of Friday how many of the 690 jobs that Trump needed to fill had nominees?

5) Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross has off-shored how many US jobs as a vulture capitalist since 2004?

6) After tweets mentioning the small size of the crowd at Friday’s inauguration, what cabinet department had it’s twitter account closed by the new administration?

7) The big top folds. What American entertainment institution announced it would be closing down this year?

8) What Trump nominee appears to have broken the STOCK act involving the purchase of stock based on insider congressional knowledge?

9) A stunning report released on the eve of the Davos economic meeting revealed that what number of the wealthiest have the same total wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population?

10) The wife of the man who committed what largest mass murder was arrested as an accessory last week?

11) Former state senator Kent Sorenson received how much time in prison for his part in the pay-for-endorsement with the Ron Paul campaign in 2012?

12) In Connecticut, Republican politician Christopher von Keyserling was arrested for doing what act approved by Donald Trump?

13) What Connecticut University’s Women’s basketball coach saw his team notch its record breaking 91st consecutive victory?

14) Eartbquakes near what major European capital led to evacuations of subways and schools Wednesday?

15) What man wanted by the US reneged on his promise to accept extradition to the US if Chelsea Manning was pardoned?

16) Fiona Apple released what brand new song in time for the Trump festivities concerning Trump’s attitude toward women?

17) The big winners if repeal of the ACA goes through will be which group of Americans?

18) What former first couple both landed in the hospital in Houston last week?

19) A former Apprentice contestant is suing what former reality star for defamation of character after she says he lied about touching her inappropriately?

20) In Iowa, state senator Mark Chelgrin introduced a bill that would allow women to sue doctors who performed their abortions for what at any point in their lifetime?

Imagine what Keystone Kops director Mack Sennet could do with the Trump cabinet?


1) Don Siegelman who was railroaded with trumped up charges

2) heads Office of Government Ethics

3) Rick Perry – but he looks smart in his new glasses

4) 28. Trump will be taking the weekend off

5) 2700

6) Dep’t of the Interior – National Park Service employees mentioned the crowd size compared to 2009

7) Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

8) Tom Price

9) 8 individuals

10) The mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fl.

11) a mere 15 months

12) grabbing a woman by the genitals. She is a lawyer. He said he was just being playful.

13) Geno Auriema

14) Rome

15) Julian Assange

16) “Tiny Hands”

17) the rich will be getting big tax cuts as many lose their coverage

18) George HW and Barbara Bush

19) Donald Trump

20) emotional distress

The resistance begins. It is as close as your telephone and computer.

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