Sunday Funday: Fox News Virus Spreads Edition

looks like a guy who could ace the quiz!

Speaking of fake news, that is the brand that Fox News has been practicing for 20 years or so, isn’t it? Not sure why people are so surprised by the spread of fake news during a campaign. This has been standard operating procedure for Republicans as long as I can remember. Back in the 1950s Adlai Stevenson once said “If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them.” –

As long as we have had NEWS we have had those who take great liberty with it. I think the real issue now has more to do with just how successful fake news is. From the days of yellow journalism through Father Coughlin and Walter Winchell it has always paid to be alert when someone tells you what is going on.

What is concerning though is that there are so few major purveyors of the news (NPR, Fox, CBS, NBC/Comcast, ABC/Disney, CNN/Time-Warner) and they all seem to toe the same line in reporting following Fox’s lead. Now we see former and current Fox talking heads showing up at rival networks as news commentators. Even NPR has Tucker Carlson as a commentator.

Were you paying attention?

1) When the jobs report came out Friday, it marked how many consecutive months of job growth for the Obama administration?

2) During that period, how many jobs were added to the economy?

3) In addition to trying to end Obamacare, Republicans will also try to strip any federal payments to what organization?

4) The president-select lumped all who didn’t vote for him in what group in a New Year’s tweet?

5) January 6th 1941, FDR gave his State of the Union address which became known as what due to the theme that FDR used? (hint: four _______)

6) Backfire! House Republicans tried to gut what committee late on a holiday night only to wake up to outrage from the public on Tuesday?

7) Once again, contractor’s were stiffed for millions by what hotel mogul for work on a Washington, DC project?

8) Build the wall! Build the wall! But now it comes out who will be paying for it?

9) The editor of what major US newspaper went on record refusing to call anything the next president would say a what?

10) Is this Iowa’s future? In Kansas, Gov. Brownback has suggested using money from what to cover budget shortfalls caused by disastrous financial policies?

11) The band from what historically black college made news last week when they agreed to do what?

12) 23% of Americans say they have ‘no religion’. How many members of congress claim ‘no religion’?

13) With the death of Sister Frances Carr Monday there are only 2 living members of what religious society left?

14) What cabinet nominee is facing an investigation for using his congressional office to affect the price of stocks he owns?

15) What world wide fast food restaurant opened a store near the Vatican in a move that has Cardinals upset by their presence?

16) What chain department store announced multiple closings and loss of jobs that may be related to tweets sent by Trump just after the election?

17) What Trump supporting newspaper reported that Trump may owe as much as $1 billion to over 150 financial companies?

18) Good news from Massachusetts. Who announced another run for senate Friday?

19) Started in 1886, what mail order company that grew into one of America’s retail giants sold off a major brand and announced the closing of another 150 stores?

20) What king was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Miss.?

only 12 days left

1) 75 longest streak ever

2) very close to 15 million

3) Planned Parenthood

4) enemies

5) The Four Freedoms

6) the Office of Congressional Ethics created after the Abramoff scandal

7) Donald Trump

8) the US taxpayers – Surprise!

9) lie

10) the state’s long term investments

11) Talladega (Alabama) College

12) one – Kirsten Sinema of Arizona

13) Shakers

14) Tom Price – accused of pushing bills that would enrich companies he had stock in

15) McDonald’s

16) Macy’s – Trump sent a series of tweets on Nov. 12 to boycott Macy’s

17) Wall Street Journal

18) Elizabeth Warren!

19) Sears – very near death it looks like

20) Elvis Presley

call, call, call your congress critters and let them know.

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