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Iowa Needs You, Donald Kaul!

Considering the coming of what promises to be a MEMORABLE Iowa legislative session this spring, my mind wandered to days of yore when a young writer for the Des Moines Register would annually make fun of the folly that was the Iowa legislature. Iowa needs you Donald Kaul!

We await a legislature that will be doing the will of the people of ALEC and making grandstanding speeches on how every Iowan should be locked and loaded and ready to shoot their fellow Iowan. No more Iowa nice! What would Donald Kaul have to say to such grandstanding?

What prompted my sudden thirst for a witticism from the pen of the master was a comment from a listener on the Thom Hartmann show the other day. He was commenting on the minimum wage laws. As of January 1st a majority of the states have minimum wages higher than the federal minimum. The caller said that those wit lower minimums should have “stan” tacked on to their state names.

Yep, Iowa-stan. Proudly and loudly refusing to pay workers for decades. Once again trying to cement our standing in the deep south.

For some reason the thought of Iowa-stan made me think that that was the kind of comment we would see in the Register from Kaul. This was back in the day when reading the Register while you grabbed a coke between classes with some friends. “Hey, did you read Kaul today? He really nails it!”

Sometimes the very best and most effective commentary especially on the inflated ego world of politics is the sharp humorous barb. That was Kaul’s weapon of choice adoring his days covering the Iowa legislature.

Taking away healthcare from Americans seems to be the theme of the day for Washington Republicans. But here in Iowa we have what should be a scandal of major proportions as King Terry soon-to-be-of-China decided unilaterally to privatize Iowa’s Medicaid system.

Now this poorly hatched scheme is crumbling. The clients of the system are getting shorted on their health care, the providers are not getting paid and those for whom the system was set up to benefit – the management companies – are crying because they aren’t making enough money. On top of that you have government leaders, the governor and lieutenant governor, refusing to admit there is a problem. Man if ever there was a situation that could use a few ego crumbling barbs from the pen of a Donald Kaul, this is it.

Hopefully another Kaul will emerge someday. Heaven knows Iowa will continue to have more than its share of bloated egos and politicians who dance to the tune of a dollar sign ($$$$$) being plucked in their direction.

We could use this guy today also!

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