Open Letter To Bobby Kaufmann

Solon Economist

Solon Economist

Open Letter to State Representative Bobby Kaufmann sent to The Solon Economist, a newspaper in his district.

Congratulations on your mentions on FOX News and in the Washington Post last week.

Your proposed legislation to claw back money from state funded schools that supported students after the general election got their attention and raised your personal national profile. Well done on self-promotion!

Your political supporters may be cheering you on, but constituents are not.

Perhaps you should have considered the November protests in Iowa City and elsewhere more thoroughly before clutching the limelight of media attention.

Your statement on FOX News that “in life there are winners and losers” may apply to elections and sporting games but our God-given lives are about much more than winning and losing. You denigrated the lives of hard-working parents by this statement.

To CBC Radio you said, “I believe the national conversation needs to take place with both sides coming to the table.”

Let me refresh your memory.

Republicans attempted to de-legitimize President Obama from his inauguration and obstructed everything they could during his administration. They pledged to do the same should the Democrat have won Nov. 8.

In 1971, I joined with others to stop traffic on Interstate 80 near Iowa City, not unlike the recent protests you found annoying. Those of us who had been tear-gassed in our dormitory rooms without provocation had a bone to pick as we intentionally tried to stop business as usual and pay attention to ending the Vietnam War. Our bonfire on I-80 didn’t last long before the Iowa Highway Patrol broke it up, pursued and arrested many among us.

When people take to the streets in protest there is little concern about one’s arrest record regardless of the penalties.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” Thomas Jefferson said. We’ll be vigilant during the 87th Iowa General Assembly.

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