Progress Iowa Asks Legislators: Do You Support Trump?

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Progress Iowa asked Iowa legislators whether or not supported Republican nominee Donald Trump in this election. Why should this be an issue in state races?

They explain the reasoning in this news release:

Which Iowa Republican Legislators Stand With Trump?

Progress Iowa Calls On Republicans To Clarify Their Position On Their Party’s Nominee, Launches New Website:

Des Moines, Iowa – With the Republican Party nominating one of the most divisive, bigoted candidates for president of all time, Progress Iowa believes it is important to know whether Iowa Republicans stand with Donald Trump this year. While Republican leaders like Terry Branstad, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst have embraced Trump, many state legislators have been notably quiet on the topic.

So we asked them. In late August Progress Iowa emailed every Iowa legislator, asking them whether they stand with Donald Trump’s candidacy. We compiled their responses on our new website,

“Many Iowa Republicans were apparently too afraid to respond to our very simple question of whether they support their presidential nominee,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “We believe Iowans deserve to know if their legislator supports Donald Trump, a man who has repeatedly made racist, xenophobic and misogynistic statements.”

All Democratic state senators and representatives were confirmed as opposing Trump’s candidacy, as provided by a statement by their caucus. Only one Republican representative, Ralph Watts of Adel, responded, but did not clearly state whether he supported Trump or not. David Johnson was marked as opposing Trump due to his past statements.

Concerned voters can use Progress Iowa’s new website to further ask their local legislator whether or not they support Trump for President:

Pretty well lays it out. What is amazing is that nearly 100% of Republican legislators refused to respond. Makes you wonder why you should vote for them for state leadership positions when they are too scared to answer whether or not they support a person whose personal qualities are such that most folks would not hire him as counter help in their business.

So Republican Iowa legislators fear to respond because if they do they will alienate one of two groups. Should they respond and say they don’t support Trump, they could easily alienate the racist, misogynist and xenophobic voters that are the core of Trump’s support.

Should they respond and say they do support Trump they admit they support his divisive rhetoric and the constant lies. Supporting Trump should alienate those who believe that the character of the leader is their most important asset. Trump comes up woefully short in this aspect.

By not answering they should alienate both camps. Donald Trump’s character is one of the very central issues of this campaign. Do you believe we should have a person who is a bully, a racist, a misogynist , a xenophobe, who facts are often based on internet rumors and who makes decisions not based on reality but on gut feelings? If you can’t answer that question, it tells most people that you yourself are unwilling to make decisions that may be tough.

The Republican party selected Trump to lead their party. Why are Iowa Republican legislators afraid to say whether they support him?

Remember that David Johnson of Ocheydon faced reality and put his country first when he stated back in June that he would not support Trump. Why is it so difficult for other Republican legislators to stand up and repudiate such behavior? Would they not correct such behavior in their children or would they encourage it?

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