Sunday Funday: The Birther Question Is Back Edition?

Just can't admit Obama was born in the US

Just can’t admit Obama was born in the US

Glad to see that someone asked Don the Con about his final analysis of whether or not President Obama was born in the US. Trump needs to be held accountable for his wild statements and lies. Let us hope this is finally the beginning.

While contemplating this it occurred to me that if there was a group that was planning some 50+ years ago to take a child born in a foreign country, raised and groomed to take over the US and destroy it from within, that they would have been foolish to put all their effort into only one child – that being Barack Obama. No, this effort would require multiple efforts to get the very one that could attain the presidency. Let’s face it, getting elected president isn’t something that just anyone can do. If Obama had failed, their brilliant plan would have been smashed.

Therefore there must be many more children like Obama, chosen and groomed to take over the US like Obama was. Hundreds? Thousands? Mr. Trump, I hope you had your investigators dig into this. We may have swarms of Obama like citizens in this country right now. Intelligent, level headed, charming, even-tempered. They should stick out like sore thumbs in America today.

And look at what Obama has done to this country – jobs, health care, trending to peace. He has ruined it for people of your persuasion, Mr. Trump. Hope you can ferret out those behind this horror and stop them from doing it again. (I hope you know this is satire, folks)

Were you paying attention?

1) “And now pinch hitting for Hillary Clinton…” Who stood in for Clinton to make a speech in Philadelphia last week?

2) The Trump camp rolled out a child care policy. Their version of maternity time off would be paid for by cuts in what other program?

3) Greta Friedman died last week. Few knew her name, but most every American knew her from what picture taken on August 14, 1945?

4) In California, Gov. Brown signed historic legislation extending overtime pay to what group of workers?

5) At the U of Oregon officials renamed a dormitory because the professor it was named for was also a leader of what hate group in his off hours?

6) After allowing the Brexit vote in the UK, what politician ended his political career by resigning his seat in Parliament last week?

7) Donald Trump, jr. had a bad week last week. Sunday he tweeted a picture of his Dad and other Republicans with what white nationalist symbol among them?

8) Trump, jr. also invoked memories of Nazi Germany when he attacked the media claiming if Republicans did what Democrats did the press would be doing what?

9) What popular liberal commentator has come back to do a series of twice-weekly commentaries for GQ magazine?

10) A new probe by the Attorney General in New York is targeting what Trump entity for improprieties?

11) In Iowa, Branstad says everything is working well, whereas hospitals and providers are having huge problems with what new program?

12) What additional Iowa county voted to raise the minimum wage in their county last week?

13) What starts at 00:37 next Friday?

14) September 24, 1957. Troops were sent by President Eisenhower to enforce school integration in what city?

15) Congress overwhelmingly passed a bill allowing families of victims of 9/11 to sue what country?

16) Mike Pence said what man was bad but not “deplorable”?

17) Due to the anti-gay HB2 law in North Carolina, what organization announced it would move several major events out of that state?

18) At the Values Voter Summit, Kentucky Governor Matt Begins called for what if Hillary Clinton is elected?

19) In New Hampshire, the Manchester Union Leader newspaper broke a century long streak of endorsing Republicans when they endorsed who?

20) Once more getting free TV during the campaign Donald Trump was a guest of what TV doctor?

Hillary Clinton may have had walking pneumonia but she did not have the boogie woogie blues!

1) President Obama – not a bad choice off the bench

2) reducing unemployment insurance programs

3) it was dubbed “the Kiss” where a sailor grabbed Ms. Friedman in Times Square to celebrate the announcement of Japan’s defeat.

4) Farm workers

5) the KKK – although probably not deplorable according to Trump

6) David Cameron – he had resign as PM earlier, now he is out of Parliament.

7) Pepe the Frog

8) “warming up the gas chamber” – a really deplorable reference

9) Keith Olbermann

10) The Trump Foundation

11) corporate managed medicaid put in place by Branstad only

12) Wapello County (Ottumwa)

13) Autumn

14) Little Rock

15) Saudi Arabia

16) David Duke

17) NCAA moved many tournament events from North Carolina

18) a bloody rebellion

19) Gary Johnson, Libertarian

20) Doctor Oz

See you next week!

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