Grassley Video From Progress Iowa Nails It!

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We thank you for a well done video that shows how close Grassley is to Trump. The lies, the adulation of Putin, the divisive and racist campaign, the mockery of the disabled, the treating of women as second class citizens, the disdain for Hispanics, the outright hate for Muslims, the total lack of any knowledge of foreign affairs. Doesn’t matter to Grassley.

None of this matters to other Republican leaders in Iowa, either. Branstad’s son is the head of the Trump campaign in Iowa. Branstad himself endorses Trump. Trump was the guest of honor for Joni Ernst’s hog roast. Rod Blum endorses Trump. David Young in the 3rd district has endorsed Trump, as has Steve King.

Make no doubt that Donald Trump represents the very worst, the very very worst of America. Not just the worst of American politics, but the worst of America. Born rich, Trump has spent his life thumbing his nose at American morals and exploiting the poor and middle class for his own enrichment. He uses America’s courts as if the system were his toy. He cares not one wit how much he insults anyone. In short he is a spoiled rich kid who is easily bored. His campaign is nothing but a sales job. All hype and no product. Just like his fraudulent “university” Trump University.

It is also sad to see the Iowa Republican Party headed by my former state rep toss away any pretense of caring about people or country in order to endorse Trump. If they endorse him, they endorse his policies. The Iowa Republican Party and its leaders endorse his praise for Putin, his screwing laborers and small business owners out of wages and payments.

Many Iowans wonder if they will continue to endorse Trump as the story of his bribe to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and current Texas and former Texas attorney general Greg Abbot unfolds. Based on the IRP’s past in matters Trump, we have no reason to think that a bribery scandal would bother them.

Even in his presidential campaign Donald Trump falls back on his old habits of stiffing those who do work for him. Esquire reports that Trump is stiffing his campaign staff:

Donald Trump has been plagued with accusations that he does not always fully compensate construction contractors who work on some of his biggest projects. And now, according to a Reuters report, Trump is putting that strategy to use with some of his top staff.

A review of campaign finance disclosures revealed that the Trump campaign has not paid as many as 10 of the candidate’s top staffers, consultants, and advisers including former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

It would be Karmic that the young Branstad had to go hat in hand to the old man for a short term loan because he got stiffed by Trump. It would also be very Karmic if all those Iowa republicans endorsing Trump were pulled down by the weight of the anchor that Trump is.

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