Grassley’s Huge Lame-Duck Session Flip-Flop Proves What We’ve Thought All Along

Patty Judge can help end the Republican gridlock in Washington

Patty Judge can help end the Republican gridlock in Washington

Grassley’s SCOTUS Obstruction Only About Politics

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2016

Contact: Pat Rynard, 515-868-5665

DES MOINES – In a story published in the Mason City Globe Gazette, Senator Chuck Grassley left open for the first time the possibility of confirming Merrick Garland during a lame-duck session of Congress. This is a 180-degree switch from his previous adamant denials that only a new President’s nominee should be considered.

From the article:

“Grassley said the only way his stance could change is if a large number of senators strongly urged him to consider the nomination during a so-called ‘lame-duck session’ of Congress, during the time after the Nov. 8 election and before the new Congress takes office in January.”

Matt Sinovic, Executive Director of Progress Iowa, released the following statement:

“Senator Grassley’s flip-flop on a lame duck nomination is an outrageous, cynical switch that proves his Supreme Court obstruction was always about politics. This is a big development in Grassley’s Supreme Court saga. He’s argued for months that he wants the people to decide the next nominee. Now it seems if the people don’t decide the way he’d prefer – by electing Donald Trump – then Grassley will hold hearings on Garland. Or maybe he’s gotten cold feet about Trump, who Grassley did not appear with on stage at Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride this weekend.”

“And Grassley’s explanation – that he could only be convinced if fellow Senators urge him – is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. Grassley let extremists in the Republican Party pressure him into the longest-ever Supreme Court obstruction. Now he’s saying he’ll be pushed into doing the exact opposite.”

“The only consistent theme from Senator Grassley in 2016 has been his playing politics with our courts. This is simply his most egregious political posturing yet.”

“Senator Grassley must stop playing these political games, and immediately end his unprecedented obstruction of the Supreme Court. It’s long past time for him to do his job and hold hearings for Merrick Garland.”


To this we must add that we have always suspected that should Hillary Clinton become president, Chuck Grassley and Republicans will make an immediate about face to pass Garland’s nomination. This will be the Republicans first salvo in their war to stop the new Clinton Administration from doing anything. This will be the same tactic employed against Obama, only much more virulent.

The obstruction that Republicans have employed against Obama will seem tame compared to the tactics they will employ against Clinton. Expect the media to fully back the Republican obstruction just as they are currently doing all they can to trash Clinton’s campaign while making Trump’s extreme right wing views seem to be middle of the road in this campaign.

Our country can’t afford to continue to ignore problems such as inadequate healthcare and global warming much longer. Grassley should be retired. Voters wold do well to give Clinton a congress she can work with. Iowans can do their part by pulling the lever for Monica Vernon in the first district, Dave Loebsack to return in the second district, Jim Mowrer in the third district and Kim Weaver in the fourth district to finally replace Steve King.

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