Sunday Funday: Labor Day Edition

labor movement

Labor day is the traditional kickoff for the campaign season since the official election day is now about 9 weeks out. However with early voting in many states that window has shrunk to 4 weeks or so. So the candidates will be on high energy from here on out, as if they have not been already.

Which brings us to the goofiest event of last week. As usual it involves Trump and another assault on the American people. I only bring it up because there has never been a more appropriate place for Molly Ivins most famous line. At the time she said it she was talking about a Pat Buchanan speech. However I think had she seen the Trump display Tuesday she no doubt would have reiterated her comment that “it probably sounded better in the original German.”

August is supposed to be a quiet month. Wha’ happen? Were you paying attention?

1) What message did Mexican President Nieto deliver to Trump concerning Trump’s wall?

2) U of Iowa grad Gene Wilder died last week. What other comedian did he team with in a series of very funny films?

3) What Western state Republican senator is warning his fellow western state senators to distance themselves from Donald Trump?

4) What New England governor responded to a series of really bad stories about him and his race relations by saying he would no longer speak to the press?

5) Voting in Iowa starts later this month. What date does voting begin in Iowa this year?

6) Democrats in Iowa gathered in Des Moines last Sunday in a new annual event hosted by Progress Iowa called the what?

7) Tomorrow is Labor Day. Most other countries celebrate a day for their workers on a different day than us. What other country celebrates labor Day on the first Monday of September?

8) What other day celebrates workers elsewhere in the world?

9) “Maybe he should find a country that works better for him.” This was Donald Trump’s reaction to a protest being staged by what athlete?

10) Sept. 2, 1962 Russia agrees to send arms to Cuba. The US discovers these shipments leading to what nail biting international showdown?

11) Labor Day began as a protest / campaign with what goal for workers?

12) The actual first Labor Day was celebrated Sept. 5, 1882 in what major US city?

13) What company was handed a $13B tax bill by the EU last week?

14) Jet Blue airlines flew someplace that no American airline has flown for over 50 years last week. Where did Jet Blue fly to?

15) U Wisconsin-Madison was named by the Princeton Review as the nation’s #1 party school yet again. What school came in last for the 19th consecutive year?

16) What state was the first to adopt Labor Day as a state holiday?

17) Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed as president of what country?

18) Before Donald Trump’s visit to a black church in Detroit yesterday, it was revealed that the questions and answers for his interview were entirely what?

19) Iowa state senate Democrats held a listening post on Medicaid last Monday. While they did that the Branstad Administration released a report that stated the error rate was close to what under the new system?

20) Today is a big day in the Catholic Church as who is declared as a saint today?

Xtra credit) The Trump campaign just hired David Bossy. Bossy has spent most of his life doing what?

The greatest thing about college football is cool weather is just around the corner.

1) Mexico will NOT pay for it. period

2) Richard Pryor

3) Jeff Flake of Arizona

4) Paul LePage of Maine

5) September 29th

6) Corn Feed. food and politics – a great combination.

7) Canada

8) May 1 – international workers day

9) Colin Kaepernick. hey Trump – ever heard of free speech?

10) the Cuban Missile Crisis

11) the 8 hour working day

12) New York City

13) Apple

14) Cuba

15) Brigham Young

16) Oregon

17) Brazil

18) scripted. This was reported by the NY Times

19) zero. Based on the listening post, it is once more very hard to believe Branstad

20) Mother Theresa

Xtra credit) chasing the Clintons and making up false stories about them. Very Preidential, Donnie

Have a safe holiday. We need each of your votes this year.

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