Sunday Funday: What A Week In Science Edition


If finding out that we may have another earth like planet to escape to after we destroy this one wasn’t enough there was also exciting news in the health and another astronomical mind boggler.

In the other story concerning space, astronomers seem to have discovered a galaxy made up mostly of dark matter. This, to our minds, strange galaxy seems to be about the same size as our galaxy but made almost entirely of dark matter. Something truly tangible for astronomers to study. So when you look into the night sky the darkness may not be just empty space. Keep watching this one for future discoveries concerning dark matter.

Here on earth, a major discovery has been made in how cancer spreads throughout the body. This is a major step in figuring out how to stop cancer from spreading. As noted in the article

“Catching these secondary growths is incredibly important, because most cancer deaths are caused not by the original tumour, but by the cancer spreading.” If that spread can be stopped, many lives may be saved.

Such exciting news. It is too bad that Republicans don’t believe in science, because discoveries like this could really add hope to their lives.

BTW – that trip to the new earth is only about 25,000,000,000 miles. Pack accordingly

Were you paying attention?

1) In a speech in Reno, Nv. Hillary Clinton tied Donald Trump to what new group on the right?

2) In Atlanta, GA., Martin Blackwell was sentenced to 40 years in prison for pouring boiling water on a couple because they were what?

3) In France, officials banned beach wear often worn by Muslim women known as what?

4) Iowa 4th district congressional candidate Kim Weaver called for legalizing what as a soil and water conservation measure in Iowa?

5) Which candidate dispelled rumors of health problems by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and opening a jar of pickles?

6) This date in 1963 the march on Washington took place. Who was the originator and main organizer of this march?

7) What Louisiana KKK leader celebrated Trump’s hiring of Steven Banon by stating with a guest on his radio show stating “We have taken over the Republican Party”?

8) Donald Trump appealed to what group for their votes by proclaiming “What the hell do you have to lose”?

9) The Clinton Foundation has come under attack recently by Republicans. How many people worldwide has this Foundation been estimated to have helped?

10) After doing some of that illegal over the TV diagnosis on Hillary Clinton, what doctor has had his TV show canceled?

11) A man in Manchester, England died in 2014 from a lung disease. In a paper published this week it was revealed that the man died from mold growing in his what? (hint: musical instrument)

12) August 31st, 1786 what rebellion began in Massachusetts that would in some degree lead to a constitutional convention to strengthen the central federal government?

13) The epipen made news this week with a 400% rise in price. The CEO of the company that is the only manufacturer of the epipen has what tie to congress?

14) What Iowa congressman called for Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump, despite Trump’s moves to the extreme right?

15) The Iowa Utilities Board in an emergency meeting voted 3-0 to deny a request from which group in the Dakota Pipeline eminent domain dispute?

16) September 2, 1945 President Truman officially declared what?

17) Yet another sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against Fox News by what former Fox News host?

18) Speaking to Der Spiegel in Germany, what former Bush administration “architect of the Iraq War” said he will probably vote for Hillary Clinton?

19) Iowa’s own anti-immigrant stalwart Steve King said he is “uneasy” with the softening by who on immigration?

20) Well known British racist leader Nigel Farage joined what candidate for a rally in Jackson, Mississippi last week?

Is it already time for college football again? By golly it is! Go Hawks!


1) the alt-right. Trump’s new campaign manager is one of the leaders of the movement.

2) gay.

3) burkinis

4) industrial hemp – smart idea

5) Hillary Clinton

6) A. Phillip Randolph

7) David Duke

8) blacks

9) 400 million including some 11 million who get AIDS medication

10) Dr. Drew – on CNN

11) bagpipe which he played daily

12) Shays Rebellion

13) She is the daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin

14) Rod Blum – grab that anvil while you sink Rod

15) landowners whose land the pipeline will cross

16) Victory over Japan day!

17) Andrea Tantaros

18) Paul Wolfowitz.

19) Donald Trump

20) Donald Trump

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