So Many Lessons From The EpiPen Scandal

video: about 3 minutes

Is it a scandal? When you gouge the public just crank up profits, it sure seems like a scandal.

The very first lesson is that allowing monopolies in any field is a bad idea. So called conservatives proclaim the value of competition every day but work daily to limit competition by passing laws in favor of the big players. The more competition the better. As we learn here, when a company has a monopoly or extremely weak competition what is there to stop them from charging outrageous prices for their products? In such cases the only impediment to price gouging is a strong government. Our government has been neutered in these areas long ago.

The second lesson is that when a medication is necessary for a segment of the population to survive, there must be more than one supplier so that a monopolistic supplier cannot either limit supply nor gouge the public.

The third lesson is that depending on a Rube Goldberg style health insurance system that may cover this for that guy, but not for this guy; that only covers after huge out of pocket costs or that is simply priced out of the range of a huge swath of people should no longer be acceptable in the self proclaimed greatest country on earth. If we are not the greatest country we certainly are the richest by far. To condemn thousands, possibly millions of our fellow citizens to serious health consequences including death over the sale of a product that is essential and cheap to make is insanity.

We are nearly a century behind most of Western Europe and half a century behind the whole world in taking care of our citizens health care. We have the money. We have the facilities. We have the resources (trained personnel) to make it happen. Why can’t we find the politicians who will stand up and do what is right? That is to create a national health care system that covers all of our citizens.

Somewhere out there are true leaders who will take on the current system and break it down to create a system that is equal for all. It just takes the willingness to do what is right and stand up for it loud and proud. Others will follow. You saw what happened with Bernie Sanders. National Health Care was one of his major issues.

When I think of this issue I think of Canadian Tommy Douglas. He fought and fought for a couple of decades to bring national health care to Canada. He fought many of the same entrenched groups we have here. He didn’t give up. Today Tommy Douglas is not thought of as just another politician who went along just to get re-elected. No, Tommy Douglas stood for something. Today Tommy Douglas is revered as the Greatest Canadian.

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