Sunday Funday: Belated Happy Birthday, Mr. President

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

I love to relax with the Sunday Funday quiz!

Fifty-five years ago last Thursday a baby boy was born in Kenya with plans to take over the most powerful country in the world within a scant 47 years. A birth notice was put in the Honolulu, Hawaii newspaper and a birth certificate created to give the future ruler citizenship in America. The planners of this incredible plot had even made sure that Hawaii would be a state before the child was born. Few details were left to chance.

Even though the child was black and at that time many of his race were not allowed to even vote in that country – the United States of America, the plan went forward. As the child grew and gained knowledge and grace and some basketball skills, those in charge of the nefarious plot made inroads into breaking down racial barriers. Into the 1980s the now young man was educated in some of the country’s best schools to establish credentials as he made his planned ascent into the highest office in the country.

In 2008, right on schedule the now adult Barack Obama won election as president as the country suffered through a major depression brought on by the manipulation of world economies by those plotting for Obama’s ascent. Obama has been in power for 7.5 years and appears ready to hand the reins of power over to a new president in January. But many know this is merely a ruse as his cabal plots the takeover of the US. We only need the reports from the agents that Donald Trump sent to Hawaii a couple of years ago to see how this plot will finally unfold. We expect that report soon. Reporters should be asking how soon we will see it.

Things I have learned on the inter-tubes. Happy belated birthday, Mr. President

Once again, what a week. I am so curious how the Onion stays in business when reality is so much stranger than much of what they write. Can we keep Trump’s name out this week?

1) “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky” goes the John Denver song. What astronomical delight takes place this week? (it has already started BTW)

2) Once again Donald Trump sees things no one else does. What did he claim to have seen last week that he could not have possibly seen.

3) Donald Trump and Mike Pence split on endorsing what Republican candidate for reelection?

4) August 6th, 1945 Hiroshima became the first victim of an atomic bomb. Approximately how many were estimated to have died immediately or later from that bomb?

5) What billionaire offered to release his tax returns if Donald Trump would?

6) The mosquitoes that carry the zika virus have been identified in the US in what state?

7) The mother with a son in the Air Force was booed at a rally for whom last week?

8) August 10th, 1874 what future president who would preside over a world wide depression was born?

9) Roger Stone, advisor to Donald Trump predicts what will happen if the election is “stolen” from Trump?

10) The small Iowa town of Arcadia garnered national attention with a parade float that featured who in jail?

11) Rep. Richard Hanna of NY got his name in the news when he became the first Republican in congress to do what?

12) Scientists found a potential antibiotic to act on the superbug MRSA where?

13) August 8 & 9, 1974. The US seemed to almost stop as what ongoing national drama came to a decisive end?

14) What former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard and California gubernatorial candidate said she would support Hillary Clinton this fall?

15) Amid political strife and many questions concerning health and safety of participants, what major international event kicked off Friday night?

16) As the Republicans claim the economy is in the toilet how many jobs were created in July?

17) Donald Trump held a rally in Green Bay, Wisc. Friday. What 3 Wisconsonites were too busy to attend?

18) Republican Party officials are scrambling to figure out what to do in case of what unprecedented action by their presidential nominee?

19) George Zimmerman was in the news last week as what happened when he was bragging about killing Trayvon Martin in a Florida restaurant?

20) Apparently Trump doesn’t have a binder of women like Mitt did. Who did Trump float as a potential female member of his cabinet?

State Fair Time!!! Starts next Thursday. Will be held in the usual place!


1) the annual Perseid meteor shower which will peak Thursday and Friday.

2) The US handing $400 million in cash to Iran

3) Paul Ryan (the freaking Speaker of the House!)

4) ~205,000

5) Warren Buffet

6) Florida

7) Mike Pence

8) Iowa’s own Herbert Hoover

9) “a bloodbath” looks like we’d better let Trump win, folks

10) Hillary Clinton. Children were encouraged to throw water balloons at Clinton

11) endorse Hillary Clinton

12) in the human nose

13) Watergate. President Nixon announced his resignation on August 8th in a nationally televised address and he resigned at noon on the 9th.

14) Meg Whitman

15) The Rio Olympics

16) 250,000

17) Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson

18) what to do if he quits before the election

19) someone came over and punched him in the mouth

20) his daughter Ivanka

Now it appears that presidential debates may be in jeopardy as the Trump camp quibbles with the schedule.

float in Arcadia Iowa parade. (credit to the Carroll Times Herald)

float in Arcadia Iowa parade. (credit to the Carroll Times Herald)

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