RELEASE: Response To Grassley Campaign Repeatedly Singling Out Progress Iowa

Still backing Trump

Still backing Trump

(Editor’s note: Like so many Republicans, when the going gets tough Republicans look for someone to blame their problems on. Progress Iowa has merely pointed out a practice that the Grassley camp has practiced for several years. Progress Iowa did not tell the Grassley camp to avoid open meetings in populous counties, nor did they tell him to obstruct federal court appointments nor did they tell him to sign the letter to the Iranian government last year)

Friday 12:14 PM

For Immediate Release: July 26, 2016

Response To Grassley Campaign Repeatedly Singling Out Progress Iowa

DES MOINES – Progress Iowa’s executive director, Matt Sinovic, released the following statement in response to Senator Grassley’s campaign repeatedly singling out the organization:

“Senator Chuck Grassley’s campaign doesn’t seem to appreciate being held responsible for the Supreme Court obstruction or Grassley’s private scheduling that avoids Iowa’s largest counties. In a public statement, Grassley’s campaign manager attacked Progress Iowa as an ‘outside group’ campaigning against him. Actually, we represent tens of thousands of Iowans who are fed up with Grassley’s Supreme Court obstruction, now the longest in all of American history. And we’ve been advocating for years that Grassley stop delaying judicial nominations at all levels. We also will continue to highlight how Grassley routinely avoids public meetings in major Iowa cities – not holding a single public 99 county tour event in eight of the ten largest counties for the past six years.

Just because Senator Grassley doesn’t like the facts doesn’t mean we won’t stop talking about them.”

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