Republicans Are The Cause Of America’s Frustrations

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Republicans this year are running on a platform of reaching out to the frustrated American. The secret that Republicans don’t want Americans to figure out is that the cause of Americans frustration is Republican policies.

The Republican Party currently holds a wide majority in the US House (248 to 192) in the US Senate (54 to 46); they hold 31 governorships; they hold 70 of the 99 state legislative chambers and they hold 4 Supreme Court seats previously having held a majority 5 for decades.

In short, the frustrations with government are frustrations with the Republican Party that is largely in charge across this country. However, Republicans will never admit their failures, they blame them on someone else.

It is to the shame of the American citizen and voter that they get away with this. Instead of taking Republican politicians to task we allow them to blame others for their failures without being held accountable themselves.

The Republican standard bearer this year blames Muslims, blames Latinos, blames women, blames government workers, blame the poor, blame those of color and of course illogically blames a President who has been hamstrung by Republicans in congresses that have made it their policy to stop any legislation from being enacted.

Quick civics lesson: The president can not enact policy on his own to address problems. That is congress’s job and if congress through the purposeful inaction of the Republican Party refuses to do their job there isn’t much any president can do.

How has this Republican control of legislative bodies worked out for America? Pretty badly.

For the country as a whole they have blocked legislation to put people to work and blocked legislation to bring jobs back home. They continue to fight tooth and nail to stop health care for all. They continue to block raising minimum wages. They fight and fight hard to keep people on starvation wages and then take away any safety net. They block appropriations for veterans care and raises for our soldiers. They fight to keep us on a war footing in the Middle East and block any legislation addressing climate change. They fight to take Social Security and Medicare from the elderly. This is only a short list.

In the states, Republicans stop Medicaid for the poor or hand it over to their cronies to mismanage and skim huge profits off the top as Branstad has done in Iowa. They undermine public schools and public education so they can turn this section of the government over to their cronies to make a quick buck on.

But cutting taxes for the wealthy and starving government continues to be their focus. Governor Brownback in Kansas has proudly made his state a laboratory for Republican economics. In his sixth year it looks like Kansas public schools may not open this fall after years of shortened schedules and burgeoning classrooms. Other public services have been cut to the very bone and beyond.

Republicans enact legislation in states to pit one person against another such as the stand your ground laws. They use religious liberty to justify discrimination. They enact laws that take away a woman’s right to make her own decisions. They enact voting suppression laws that are aimed specifically at Democratic leaning voters. In short they use our democratic processes to tear the fabric of the country apart.

Republicans continue to insist that religious beliefs be taught in our public schools equally with science. As scientifically proven climate change threatens life on earth, Republicans continue to deny it’s existence and stop any action to mitigate it.

All this is done for their corporate and wealthy donors so they can continue to reap monstrous profits. In turn their donors continue to finance their election campaigns with huge money funneled through PACS made legal by a Supreme Court decisions written by a Republican majority.

Republicans now have a presidential nominee with no experience and with a history of litigation and screwing over workers and small businesses. He blames everyone else for any problems. His judgment is highly questionable. Electing him would be pouring pounds of salt on gaping wounds. Wounds that have been split open and made worse through Republican policies.

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