When Did Iowa Join The Confederacy?

King with confederate flag on his desk

Based on Steve King’s prominent display of the confederate flag on his desk and his statements on racial equality, Iowans must wonder if they have been deceived by historians and geographists for decades. Maybe we really are part of the south.

Displaying the confederate flag by a congressman from a Union state? Good gravy, dude, did you forget where you live? Iowa was proudly part of the side that did not commit treason. Iowa stayed with the union and provided 76,000 troops of which 13,000 died and some 8,500 were wounded. What an absolute insult to those brave soldiers. And what an insult to their survivors or living relatives.

The message that King sends out with such a display is that first and foremost he does not honor Iowa’s contributions during the civil war. He also endorses what the south was fighting for – to keep people enslaved based on their color – and the racial divide that has followed. Finally of course is his endorsement of the treasonous actions of the south. These are Steve King’s values.

King claims this is part of the right to free speech in America. We grant him that. However, remember that other parties also have the right to free speech. Americans have many ways to express their speech. Hopefully, this year Americans in his district will make it plain just how disgusting they feel flying the flag of treason is.

But just in case you missed that message, King made it much clearer in an appearance on MSNBC with Chris Hayes a couple of days later. (see video below). The total message from King is simple – there is a superior race and many inferior races. Just in case you think these are flukey examples, let’s not forget King’s comment on ‘cantaloupe calves.’

Sadly, as far as I know, no one from the Iowa Republican congressional delegation nor Iowa’s Republican leadership has spoken out to condemn this behavior and rhetoric. The only reason I can think that they would be silent is that they know it gets votes. Based on Trump’s rise to power based on bullying and dog whistle racial politics this year, King is right in line with the party.

Iowa’s Republican delegation is a sad lot right now. With King and Grassley as the senior members we also have David Young who could not stand up for a vote that allowed LGBT citizens to be treated as regular citizens. No, he caved and changed his vote. Rod Blum is part of the tea party crazy group that rode John Boehner out of town on a rail. Shutting down government would be ok with him. And what can you say about Joni Ernst beyond “owned by the Kochs.”

The concept of ‘Iowa nice’ is sure laid to rest by these folks. They do not really represent Iowa.

There have been many lists generated already that show what a bigoted fool King is on this front. One thing I have yet to see on any of these lists is our form of government itself. King seems to admire our form of government a great deal. Will he give a nod to the Iroquois League for being at least part of the model for our government? When King finds this out it will blow his mind

Every time King appears in public Iowa once again is painted by his words. It is not a picture Iowans can be proud of. Iowans believe they are better than King’s representation of us.

Kim Weaver will return the image of what Iowa truly is to the nation. Help her out with a few bucks.

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  1. John Howes says:

    Just wait. Next week King will have a nice little red flag with a white circle in the center containing a black swastika for the other side of his desk.


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