The Amoral Party And Their Display Of Hate

Dog-whistle polics

Dog-whistle politics

Watching the Hillary Hate Fest that is being blasted across our country under the guise of the convention of a major political party. Most folks I have talked to this week have never seen the likes of this. What used to be the Republican Party now gathers to spend a week loudly and proudly mostly making up stories about one woman and then basing their insane hatred on those stories.

They have used our government and our tax dollars – nearly $200 million – in a partisan effort to destroy this woman before she could run for president. This is the most unethical use of our money many have ever seen.

Hillary Clinton is their main target, but pretty much any woman who dares to stand up to them is the recipient of the vile anger that drips from their lips constantly. Exhibit A is Elizabeth Warren who standard bearer Donald Trump tries to discredit and destroy with a smear of “Pocahontas.”

This should be frightening to all women in the US and around the world. They are letting it be known that if a woman dares to cross their path, then they will destroy her reputation, destroy her on a personal level, imprison her for made up infractions and even call for her death.

I look at my wife, I look at my mother-in-law, I look at my daughters and my many female friends and wonder to myself why any man would accept and even cheer this hateful, vile rhetoric. Differences in policy is expected and these differences should be discussed. But there is little if any policy discussion. All they spew is the rhetoric of hate, even calling Clinton “Lucifer” and equating her to the devil.

Why do Republican women accept this? Do they not understand that the hate of the men in their party is not for specific women, but for any woman who crosses them in their eyes?

Do these men have mothers, grandmothers, daughters or female friends? It surely feels like much of the hate directed at Clinton and Warren – in previous iterations leaders like Nancy Pelosi – is based on their unbridled hate for women who dare oppose their world view. Donald Trump only adds to the abuse with his own brand of junior high rhetoric. Wasn’t he once quoted as saying “Women, you have to treat them like shit.”?

It is also sad to see Iowa’s Republican leaders – Terry Branstad and Jeff Kaufmann in particular – endorsing this behavior in their endorsement of Trump.

What I guess is most hypocritical is that the players in the misogynistic drama claim to be religious. But while calling themselves religious, specifically Christian, they engage in a hate that is white hot for their enemies whether they be foreigners or fellow Americans. Is it not the religions that teach “love your neighbor?” Do they still not teach that a person “shall not bear false witness?” Do they not still teach that we “shall feed the hungry, cloth the naked, tend to the ill and house the homeless?”

Claiming to be religious should cause a person to deeply examine the reality of how the political philosophies actually play out in real life and how that lines up with their own philosophies they claim to believe in.

We have always watched political conventions. We could not watch any of this hate fest.

Here is a short list of some of the extreme statements that what used to be a mainstream party now espouses in its platform as what it wants to reshape America into:


4. Start repealing environmental laws:
“We call for a comprehensive review of federal regulations, especially those dealing with the environment, that make it harder and more costly for Americans to rent, buy, or sell homes.”

12. Make Christianity a national religion:
“We support the public display of the Ten Commandments as a reflection of our history and our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage and further affirm the rights of religious students to engage in voluntary prayer at public school events and to have equal access to school facilities.”

50 total at the link, read them all and be wary.

integrity, progress and concern for all Americans

integrity, progress and concern for all Americans

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