Patty Judge: Winning With Ideas

The Judge Grassley Can't Ignore (dailykos photo)

The Judge Grassley Can’t Ignore (dailykos photo)

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From Sara Sedlacek’s facebook post:

Had a great breakfast with my old boss, Patty Judge, this morning! I am so thrilled she came to West Liberty and so proud to be working in my community to help elect her to the United States Senate! Patty is going to bring real solutions to Washington. She’s been a nurse, State Senator, Secretary of Agriculture, Lt. Governor, and Homeland Security Advisor. She has the experience and I know she has the passion to represent Iowa well in DC. I’ve seen her work ethic first-hand. Riding in the car to events with her during the 2010 campaign, I was able to learn so much from her and she was one of my inspirations for running for office myself. She is someone I respect and admire a great deal and I hope you’ll join me in voting for her in November!

Patty Judge stands for Iowa values. Hard work, commitment, reliability, judgment. Judge had a hard time working in all the issues that she wants to tackle when she is elected because Republicans will be leaving such a mess. Her stop was short since she had so many stops on a busy Saturday. Remember, she doesn’t have the kind of money Grassley has, so she has to get out and meet the voters and take her message directly to them.

What she was able to say let us know she will be a solid progressive voice for Iowans in Washington.

Let us hope that Iowans get more than one chance to see Judge debate Sen. Grassley this fall. Their views couldn’t be much more divergent.

Grassley will also have a very hard time explaining why he has simply quit on Iowa and on the country this year. Most Iowans are waiting to hear the explanation in a setting where follow up questions will be asked.

What is really odd about Grassley’s strategy of quitting is that it was so unnecessary. All he had to do was hold hearings and the Republican senators could have held a vote and voted any nominee down. Instead Grassley chose to go the route of defying the Constitution. Showing a disdain for the citizens and government like that makes a person wonder what else he may yet do.

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