Sunday Funday: Unconventional Convention Edition


Many people warned that the Republican convention would break the mold. They were actually moderate in their prediction. It shattered every prediction on just how bad it would be.

Abandoned by many of the delegates, undermined by pissed off rivals, cribbing from the mortal enemy, celebrities that no one heard of and hate pouring from every pore and at every turn. It was almost literally the Walt Kelly Pogo cartoon strip “We have met the enemy and he is us” come to life.

Yet things are so goofy in this country that a candidate as bad as Donald Trump could win. The strategy is to suppress the Democratic vote by trying to create a caricature of Hillary Clinton that is so bad no one will vote for her. Let us hope Democrats face reality and get out to vote.

Were you paying attention? Even if you were I dare say you missed a lot.

1) What ground breaking news executive was shown the “out” door after sexual harassment charges?

2) Forty years after taking the world by storm the last of what recording devices will roll off the production line next week?

3) A clearly unarmed middle-aged black man was shot by police in Miami as he tried to help who?

4) Meredith McIver is a name that will disappear from the collective mind quickly. Until then what did Meredith McIver do that got her name at the top of the news this week?

5) Donald Trump Jr. allegedly offered “the most powerful vice-presidency ever” to what Trump rival in March?

6) In Maine, Progressive Insurance asked to raise rates on seniors based on what criteria?

7) This man brought us many laughs and launched stars such as Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway. What entertainment icon died last week at 81?

8) The NBA followed through on a threat and moved next year’s All-Star game from what city due to transgender issues?

9) A snapshot of Paul Ryan with Republican House interns elicited controversy for what reason last week?

10) Almost missed this in the hubbub about the convention. What out-of-this-world event took place July 20, 1969?

11) After being promised a prime time spot, what Iowa politician ended up speaking to a near empty hall late in the night at the RNC?

12) Have you forgotten him already? Who is Trump’s vice-presidential pick?

13) Which star of the current movie “Ghostbusters” has been harassed unmercifully online since the movie came out?

14) Voter suppression laws were ruled against in court in what 3 states last week?

15) Who wrote an article for the Journal of the American Medical Ass0ciation on the progress of US Health reform?

16) Temperatures for the first 6 months of this year compared to other years in what way?

17) Wright State University in Ohio has already withdrawn as a site for a presidential debate because of what?

18) Both the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Koch Brothers have already withdrawn support from what sitting senator?

19) Which former Republican presidents or presidential candidates showed up in Cleveland last week?

20) In a candid moment George W. Bush opined that he may have been the last what?

Now – we get to see a party that believes that government is necessary and a force for good in our country.


1) Roger Ailes. Ground breaking in that Fox has sure changed the course of news in this country.

2) VCRs

3) An autistic man he was in charge of who had run away.

4) Supposedly plagiarized Michelle Obama in a speech she wrote for Melania Trump

5) John Kasich

6) Age – the older you are the higher the rate.

7) Garry Marshall

8) Charlotte, North Carolina. HB2 strikes again

9) The Republican interns were nearly 100% white

10) Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon

11) Joanie Ernst

12) Mike Pence

13) Leslie Jones

14) Wisconsin, Texas and Michigan

15) Barack Obama

16) They are the highest ever worldwide

17) They can’t afford the cost of security

18) Ron Johnson – he trails Russ Feingold by a large margin

19) Bob Dole only. He did not speak

20) Republican president

Get your popcorn ready!

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