Kaufmann: “Walker Administration a ‘Model’ of What One-Party Control Should Look Like”

Jeff_Kaufmann_-_Official_Portrait_-_84th_GAWe don’t typically like to fear-monger, but if you are worried about Iowa becoming Wisconsin, it would seem that your concern is well-founded, because that is exactly what the Iowa Republicans have in mind.

Please think about ways you can help elect a Democrat in your district to the Iowa legislature.


Republicans should follow Wisconsin’s road map if the GOP takes the lone seat of Democratic power in Iowa, the state Senate, in November, party officials said Monday.

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann lauded the tax breaks and right-to-work policies enacted since Republicans seized Wisconsin’s Legislature and governor’s mansion in 2010.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s administration is a “model” of what one-party control should look like, Kaufmann said Monday morning while introducing Wisconsin’s governor to Iowa delegates.

For his part, Walker highlighted sweeping tax cuts, voter ID laws and defunding Planned Parenthood that were only possible under GOP control of both legislative houses. Iowa could achieve those conservative milestones, too, he said, should the party topple Senate Democrats.

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2 Responses to Kaufmann: “Walker Administration a ‘Model’ of What One-Party Control Should Look Like”

  1. John Howes says:

    Germany – Mid 1930’s to 1945: Perfect example of what “one party rule” looks like, Mr. Kaufmann. With more than a passing resemblance to today’s Republican Party.


  2. Dave Bradley says:

    It would be especially bad in Iowa with Linda Upmeyer already beholden to ALEC.
    But then Kaufmann believes ALEC is a good group based on conversations I had with him when he was my rep.


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