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An American Scandal

IMHO it is a scandal belonging to the American people and the American mass media that Donald Trump could possibly become our president.  Watch John Oliver’s funny and informative take on this insane election campaign.  

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Labor Day: The Official Start Of The Campaign Season

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called America, Labor Day marked the start of the traditional start of campaign season. Selected by their respective parties’ summer nominating conventions, the presidential candidates would then barnstorm the country for three … Continue reading

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Kaufmann: “Walker Administration a ‘Model’ of What One-Party Control Should Look Like”

We don’t typically like to fear-monger, but if you are worried about Iowa becoming Wisconsin, it would seem that your concern is well-founded, because that is exactly what the Iowa Republicans have in mind. Please think about ways you can … Continue reading

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Iowa Democrats Convene

JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa — Democratic delegates met in all 99 Iowa counties on Saturday, March 12. The day was overcast, but hopeful. A bellwether was the fact I didn’t recognize many of the hundreds of people at the Tiffin High … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Interview With Des Moines Register Editorial Board (Video)

In case you missed this, check out the Des Moines Register editorial board interview with Bernie Sanders on September 3rd, 2015.  

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The Republican Way

Kaul weighs in on the 2016 campaign.  Read the original article at  otherwords.org/ The Road to Ruin The race for the White House delivers either Republican presidents who favor the rich or Democrats who also favor the rich, but not … Continue reading

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Democrats Must Campaign On Progressive Values

http://ladylibertine.net/ Taking control of the Senate and increasing their majority in the House, Republicans swept the election, largely by tying Democrats to negative messaging around President Obama. Accepting the GOP message framework, Senate Democratic candidates like Alison Lundergan-Grimes, Mark Pryor, … Continue reading

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