Rep. David Young Votes Against LGBT Protections

win back congressIowa Republican David Young switched his vote at the last minute on an amendment that would have prevented federal contractors from getting government work if they discriminate against members of the LGBT community. The amendment was about to pass by one vote, when 7 members changed their vote at the last minute, Young being one of them.  Young said he changed his vote after he learned that there were no religious protections in the amendment –  presumably meaning that he thinks if you want to discriminate because you are religious, you should be able to –  but the video shows Young being taken off of the house floor by two party leaders shortly before he changed his vote.

Democratic challenger Jim Mowrer observed,  “Every single opportunity he’s had to vote with the moderates and on the right side of these issues, he has instead chosen to vote with the tea party and allowed to have his agenda controlled by Washington Republicans, not by Iowa voters…religion is never an excuse to discriminate.”

Help Democrat Jim Mowrer take back this congressional seat. We need more Iowa Democrats in Washington, not more tea party Republicans.  You can donate or volunteer to help by going to Mowrer’s campaign website,  Or follow him on Facebook and Twitter


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