Adding Pence Completes The Republican Hate Portfolio

During the Republican primary Donald Trump was quite blatant about what he was running on. He was running on an openly racist platform targeting Muslims and Mexicans in particular, blacks only slightly less pointedly but with plenty of dog whistle phrases to please his supporters. He was also openly misogynist treating women as if they were but servants.

One group that seemed to avoid the brunt of the Trump hate was the gay community. Not that Trump was a supporter, but he just didn’t seem to have a canon loaded for them. But then, I may have missed it if it happened. It is extremely hard to listen to Trump.

So it must have been with that in mind that Trump picked Mike Pence to be his Vice Presidential candidate and ambassador to the gay community. As most folks know, Pence polished his credentials as a hater of gays with the infamous Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act or RFRA. This is the law that gave people and businesses an excuse of religion as a reason to discriminate gays in particular. Thus did shine his Republican star back in March and April of 2015.

Along with supporting and signing this camouflaged discrimination bill twice – once the original and once an amended but just as bad bill – Pence also polished his religion in government creds by claiming he prayed over his decision. Praying rather than dealing with reality is a hallmark of this group.

So much like picking any VP candidate, the Republican nominee chose his VP candidate to shore up some perceived weaknesses in the background of the presidential nominee. This is quite a different take on business as usual in politics. Instead of picking a running mate to appease a region of the country or to show camaraderie with a certain voting bloc, this pick is to complete a portfolio of groups that the party wants to discriminate against.

There is a nod to a certain voting bloc in a way. The nod is to the religulous across the land that Republicans have and will continue to use the power of government to enforce their religious beliefs despite the constitution’s interdiction against it.

Another unmentioned plus for the religious crowd based on Pence’s actions in office there will be more of a reliance on prayer in times of crisis rather than actually doing something.

Pence’s pick is quite in line with the 2016 Republican platform.

An observation – Current elected officials who will attend the convention and/or support this ticket are guilty of moral cowardice. Rather than stand up to the moral bankruptcy that is Donald Trump, these folks choose the easy path of following authority no matter what. The morally bankrupt have no business in positions of authority.

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