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Once again America is confronted with a spectacular incidence of gun violence, this time in a city whose best known moment in history is tied to gun violence, Dallas, Texas.

During the aftermath of talking heads and empty slogans flying all over the place there seemed to be no mention of the other 100 who by statistics, lives ended via gun violence on that day. Nor was there a mention of the 200 who statistically were injured by gun violence on that day. Those numbers are repeated daily. One hundred killed, two hundred injured.

Each one of those injuries or deaths is a life that ended suddenly and unexpectedly leaving family, friends, acquaintances and fellow workers behind.

As the police officers are laid to rest we will see pictures of their spouses, their children and their parents in various states of shock and mourning. Their fellow officers will also be in shock as will their local grocer, their barber or stylist, the owner of their favorite restaurant, their neighbors and many, many more in their community where they will leave a huge hole.

This tableau is statically repeated one hundred times a day across America. A life is taken by gun violence and the spouse, parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, fellow workers and acquaintances are in a state of shock. If a person survives gun violence they may be looking forward to a life of pain, perhaps an invalid life.

In both cases there will be huge bills as teams of doctors try to patch up what they can. These costs and the costs of rehabilitation along with the costs of seeking justice will most likely be passed on to you and me. It is a huge bill and getting bigger everyday.

Death by gun violence in America is so commonplace that many Americans view it almost as if it were simply background music to our daily lives. Seldom do we stop and think of how each of these tragedies affects those left behind.

We do have the means maybe not to entirely stop these senseless deaths but we should certainly try. There are many things that can be done but we are hampered by half of the political class that refuses to face the reality that gun violence brings to the victim’s families and friends. They are much more concerned with the profits of gun companies than the effects of of the guns themselves.

At a minimum we need to begin gathering data on gun deaths so we as a society can pinpoint the problems and offer solutions. We are handcuffed from even doing that by Republicans.

It is way beyond time for Americans to accept this slaughter among themselves. We can and we must stop this carnage. Reading the second amendment fully, including the clause about a militia, we can easily understand that yes we can enact gun control laws, call for mandatory trainings and periodic licensing for those who have guns. We can also enact laws that will make safety features on guns mandatory.

Remember the victims and their families and friends. It could be you one day.

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