Sunday Funday: DeCosters Go To Jail Edition


Remember the DeCoster family? The ones whose egg companies pleaded guilty to bribing officials and misbranding eggs to appear fresher. This led to thousands of food borne illnesses throughout the country. Now six years later on appeal they may finally see the inside of a cell. Remember they purposely caused thousands to get sick.

Here is what one of the deciding judges wrote on the decision:

“Because the DeCosters were negligent, their liability is not vicarious,” Judge Raymond Gruender wrote. “Instead, they are responsible for their own failures to exercise reasonable care to prevent the introduction of adulterated food. The law is clear that a defendant can be sentenced to imprisonment based on negligence — or, for that matter, based on strict liability stemming from his own conduct.”

But here is the money quote from Cato:

Pro-business groups, including the Cato Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers, filed briefs in support of the DeCosters, arguing executives shouldn’t serve jail time.

Got this response from a lawyer for a victim:

“Interesting that they seem so concerned about some rich white guys spending a few months in jail for selling bad products,” said Bill Marler, a Seattle-based lawyer who represented a Texas boy sickened in the salmonella outbreak.

If jail isn’t a consequence and fines are not much of a deterrent then what do you have?

Were you paying attention? Another busy, busy week.

1) We started the week with a major holiday with the traditional Nathan’s hotdog eating contest. How many dogs did the winner stuff down in 10 minutes?

2) The black man shot by police in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota was stopped by police for what reason?

3) The Chilcot Report was released in Great Britain. What issue was the Chilcot Report concerned with?

4) President Obama ended the week visiting what country?

5) ISIS bombed the second holiest site in Islam Monday. What is that and where is it?

6) Oops we missed a couple of birthdays last week. What notable young lady turned 18 on July 4th?

7) The other birthday we missed last week was what grand old member of rock and roll royalty on July 7th?

8) After a couple of disappointing months on the jobs front the economy posted how many new jobs in June?

9) Also over in Great Britain, after a Conservative part vote by MPs we know that the next Prime Minister will be a what?

10) What two of the frequently mentioned names as Trump’s VP choice said “thanks, but no thanks” last week?

11) A Des Moines church is suing the Iowa Civil Rights Commission over what hot button issue?

12) After many investigations and millions of dollars the FBI concluded that who did nothing wrong concerning emails?

13) In Iowa a new law took effect that allows those close to a heroine addict to administer what drug to the addict?

14) July 14, 1789 is a landmark day in history. What is significant about July 14th?

15) Donald Trump’s campaign created quite a stir when they tweeted an anti-Clinton picture featuring what antisemitic symbol?

16) Trump compounded that by praising whose handling of terrorists while he was in power?

17) The Georgia Supreme Court said what group would be allowed to ‘adopt a highway?’

18) One more Trump question – Trump went on a peace mission Thursday. Where did he go and who did he visit there?

19) What state allowed bible reading on the grounds of their county courthouses over the July 4th weekend in a clear violation of the separation of church and state?

20) Built with the aid of tax incentives from the state, what Christian attraction opened in Kentucky last week?

Woody Guthrie’s birthday is Thursday. Pick out a few favorite Guthrie tunes to hum during that day. I like “Union Maid.”


1) 70 or about one every 9 seconds.

2) his car had a broken tail light.

3) Britain’s entry into the Iraq war

4) Poland for a NATO conference

5) the prophet’s tomb in Medinah

6) Malia Obama

7) Ringo Starr who turned 76. He was a Beatle in case you’ve forgotten.

8) 287,000 – a good economy bodes well for the party in power.

9) woman. The top two vote getters were women.

10) Bob Corker of Tenn. and Joni Ernst of Iowa.

11) transgendered people using their bathrooms.

12) Hillary Clinton

13) naloxone

14) Bastille day – the beginning of the French Revolution.

15) a star of David (used by Nazi Germany to designate Jews)

16) Saddam Hussein

17) the KKK

18) the US congress to visit Republicans in the House and then in the Senate. There were several skirmishes

19) Iowa

20) a recreation of Noah’s Ark. The tax incentives are very controversial (state supporting a specific religious view.)

Prepare for the conventions!

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