Hunting Hillary

This is just the ramblings of my mind on how Hillary Clinton became target number one for the corporate right wing media following the amazing reaction by the Republican Party to her being innocent of any accusations of any misdeeds either in Benghazi and her emails as SoS. This has to be one of the lowest points ever for a Republican Party that has become a den of conspiracy theorists with little connection to reality. They and their house owned media have created a false caricature of Hillary Clinton as a super bogey man (woman?) capable of doing superhuman destruction while lying with every word.

Once more Republicans went after imaginary demons that exist only in their own minds. Once more they came up empty handed as they once more spent multi millions of taxpayer dollars in their pursuit of ectoplasm. Once more republicans from their clown of a presidential nominee to their duplicitous speaker Paul Ryan to the rank and file ‘good soldiers’ such as Trey Gowdy and Steve King, were made to look like a bunch of goofy, stupid junior high kids trying to imitate a Scooby-Doo cartoon as they chased imaginary enemies. David Young and Rod Blum were also part of the House that decided to waste more money. Be sure to ask them about that when they are home on break.

Anyone who has been conscious for the past 35 years (since Ronald Reagan became president) has watched the big media in this country morph from many major news companies concerned with serving the public good into a consolidated group of players owned by a few major corporations with their eye exclusively on the bottom line. Where once truth and verifiability were the standards by which news was graded, that gradually changed to profitability and the number of eyeballs that the news could deliver to the advertisers.

Based on that, news changed from a reliable source of data to an unreliable visual tabloid whose mission was selling reverse mortgages, new widgets, diet pills and the like. Splashy graphics and incendiary rhetoric replaced reasoned statements and graphs based in reality. In short, news went from being the brain food of the media diet to another course of crap food that only made us crave more. News became little more than another territory in the “vast wasteland” as former FCC chair Newton Minnow once called television.

The downward spiral of news organizations went hand in hand with their consolidation into fewer and fewer corporations. Yes, real competition does make a difference.

Like the rest of media the crap news depended on “stars.” Not only the news deliverers but also a cast of heroes and villains that could be brought back again and again to provide a seemingly continuous story. As the news business (emphasis on business) was in the process of consolidating and morphing, a young extremely bright young man was elected governor of Arkansas. Young and progressive with a very photogenic, very smart wife who worked as a lawyer, and who among other things was a major advocate for children.

As Bill Clinton’s political star rose into a presidential run in 1992, media for some reason decided that his wife Hillary would become a target. Was it because she took on the health care industry as she tried to fashion a form of universal health care as Bill Clinton’s point person on health care? Was it because she made children’s health and well being a focus of her adult life? Was it because she was a woman who was simply more successful than her male counterparts? Was it because she did not assume the role of the “little woman” as conservatives saw it? Was it because she called them out as a “vast right wing conspiracy” long before anyone else realized what was going on?

Some opinions I have seen is that these Arkansas hillbillies didn’t belong in Washington and thus it was up to the establishment to punish their very uppityness. Whatever Hillary Clinton’s sin was, she was pursued as no other first lady ever was before. My theory is that those who pursued her did so because they saw her potential and tried to make a pre-emptory strike. Since there was no real wrongdoings they could hang on Hillary, the right wingers created tales of debauchery and theft and murder and who knows what else. With the internet, millions more could play the game and make it even crazier.

Hillary Clinton became a senator and a damn good one, which just made the crazies crazier. Then in a double punch to the gut, a black man became president and he named Hillary Clinton Secretary of State. And she was a damned good SoS. The Obama Administration had to deal with perhaps the worst national legacy ever handed off with twin disasters of war in the Middle East and a financial crisis brought on by Republican fiscal policies. Hillary Clinton handled foreign affairs in such a way that the president could focus on saving the country’s and the world’s economies.

When Republicans took charge of Congress after the 2014 elections, their first order of business was to once more resume their chase of Hillary Clinton and her phantom wrongdoings. So once more they took money that would not go to schools or hospitals or elderly or care of veterans and went after Hillary Clinton. This time they had a plan. Claiming Hillary somehow purposely had our personnel in Benghazi killed, they were off in pursuit. They would deliver their verdict with some trumped up charges as the 2016 October surprise. They opened another venue on the State Department email front.

But there has to be some reality for others outside their party to go along. They could find no wrongdoing despite millions of dollars and thousands of wasted hours of staff time. It was so bad they could not possibly stretch it beyond June when they had to admit they were a bunch of idiots in pursuit of snipes. Even the Republican FBI director who they thought could take orders couldn’t stretch out a bogus investigation.

The fact that the FBI could find nothing, it did not stop good soldier and FBI Director James Comey from stepping way over the boundaries of his job to offer an unfounded opinion instead of facts. He tried to the point of making a joke of himself to do the dirty to Clinton.

That wasn’t good enough for those with little connection to reality. Comey was brought in for a public butt reaming Thursday by the same folks who now look like such fools as they pursue their electoral fool’s gold.

As long as they have the power you can almost bet they will pursue at least one more Hillary Clinton investigation to do anything, anything they can to tarnish her name. Once more they will waste our money, our time and make themselves look like a bunch of obsessed fools.

When they come home to campaign, be sure to ask them about the time and money they have wasted chasing one person who has been found to have done nothing wrong some seven times now. Their answers will be based in conspiracy and internet rumors without an ounce of reality in it. Hell of a way to run a government.

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