Bakken Fight Not Over Yet

Bakken Pipeline Proposed RouteAction alert from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI)

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) is about to decide the fate of the Bakken Pipeline. The ACE has to sign off on 65 water crossings in the state of Iowa, including the Des Moines River, which supplies drinking water to over half a million Iowans.

Iowans should have a voice in this process! That’s why we’ve invited ACE personnel to come to central Iowa, see the people and places that would be gravely impacted by the pipeline, and have a meeting with tribal groups, farmers, and citizens concerned about this hazardous project.

Here’s what we need you to do:

– Call Mike Hayes, a staffer at the Army Corps, at (309)-794-5367

– Tell him that we want to meet with him, Colonel Baumgartner, and other personnel involved in permitting for the pipeline in central Iowa

– Tell him to call Josh Kublie at (515)-282-0484 to schedule the meeting

– Email me at to let me know how the call went

As long as we need clean water and a habitable planet, we are all stakeholders in this process, and we have the right to make our voices heard.

Stay tuned for next steps!

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