King: Beyond The Pale

A century and a half later, Steve King says she's still not welcome

A century and a half later, Steve King says she’s still not welcome

Once again Iowa’s answer to Louie Gohmert made the news last week. Steve King introduced an amendment into the US House to block the Treasury department from spending any money to change the current $20 bill to put Harriet Tubman in the bill. While the amendment didn’t say specifically that, the meaning was unmistakeable.

King claimed his motive was to save money for the country by stopping this action. With public officials this humorous it is hard to understand how satirists like The Onion and Andy Borowitz are able to stay in business.

Even when trying to be serious King can be outrageously funny. Here from a report on CNN King has a great understatement:

Speaking to CNN at the Capitol on Wednesday, King said Tubman’s accomplishments didn’t measure up to the seventh president.

“As much as she did, she didn’t change the course of history,” King said.

Truly, Mr. King, you are correct when you state that Tubman’s accomplishments were not the the par of Jackson’s. But some who have read history might just might point out that for a black woman at a time when being black and being a woman were neither very safe things to be, Harriet Tubman accomplished a lot. Had she been white, male and president then maybe we could make a real comparison. Considering her circumstances she was truly a giant, unlike some congressmen.

One thing that was surprising was that King didn’t claim Tubman had cantaloupe calves from working on that railroad she worked on. Neither did King mention that Jackson was his favorite member of the Jackson 5.

It was quite unusual to see King stick up for a democrat, especially in an election year. This may cause him some votes among radical right wingers in his district. Those wingers may also note that King’s amendment will also stop the enshrinement of St. Ronnie Reagan on our currency. When his constituents figure this out, they may want a primary rematch to boot his rear out.

Congressman Dave Loebsack commented on King saying

“Steve King, and his history of racist and sexist comments, is an embarrassment to Iowa,” Loebsack said in a statement to The Des Moines Register.

For those who would like to remove this embarrassment from Washington are lucky to have Kim Weaver to vote for this fall.

kim weaver

Let’s hope we can call her Congresswoman soon and send her opponent down to the border to start building that wall no one wants.

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