DFA Endorses Jim Mowrer In Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District

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With an unprecedented number of millionaires and a record low number of veterans in Congress right now, it’s more important than ever that we elect progressive leaders in the U.S. House — especially those with a record of service to Iowa and to their country. Leaders like Jim Mowrer.

DFA endorsed Jim Mowrer early on in his first race in 2014 when he took on a tough fight against Steve King. I was proud to see him meet with Iowa’s working families and talk about what they want to see their elected leaders fight for in Washington, D.C.

With this new cycle and a new map, DFA is proud to endorse Jim Mowrer for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District because he’s running precisely the kind of grassroots, people-powered campaign that will win in November.

Jim Mowrer wants to overturn Citizens United, protect Social Security, and take action against climate change. If he defeats a vulnerable Republican this fall, Democrats will be even closer to a progressive majority in the House.

Jim Mowrer is the kind of progressive champion we need in Congress — and he needs us to stand with him now. Please join with DFA and chip in $3 or more to help Jim win.

Jim Mowrer is running a campaign prioritizing Iowa’s working families and middle class. He will continue the fight to raise the minimum wage, enact paid family and medical leave, and confront a corrupt campaign finance system long after election day.

Mowrer grew up on a farm, losing his father in an accident at a young age. Social Security helped keep his family going in the aftermath of tragedy.

After high school, Jim decided to give back to his country by serving in the military. Jim is an Iraq War veteran and has seen first hand how the Republican Congress has hurt military families, veterans, and working families in Iowa.

Jim’s personal background and his commitment to fighting for Main Street against Wall Street make him the right candidate for Iowa. We need him to fight alongside progressive leaders in Congress. Will you help him win?

Chip in $3 or more to send Jim Mowrer to Congress — and help elect a more progressive House of Representatives.

Thank you for standing with Jim Mowrer and DFA today.

– Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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