Sunday Funday: Stonewall Is A National Monument Edition

new national monument

new national monument

The popping of heads heard across the land was not for Brexit. Nope, that is a simple problem compared to what else happened Friday. The Kenyan, Muslim, fascist, communist dictator made the Stonewall Inn a national monument! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??? A MONUMENT FOR THE GAYS!!!

How is any American going to be able to go to heaven when they come from a country that has monuments to homosexuals? God will bring America to its knees!

Or maybe not. Thanks, Obama.

Were you paying attention? Seems like things are just getting busier and busier.

1) The Stonewall Inn became famous when police were attacked by customers as police gays for arrest. What city is the Stonewall Inn in?

2) When did the riot take place (month & year)?

3) The Brexit vote was prompted by a challenge to the Tory Party from the right by what small British Party?

4) Next Friday is the national birthday of what North American country?

5) In Amelia Ohio, what happened to the owner of a gun store when he was teaching a gun safety class last Sunday?

6) Governor Branstad launched his “see something, say something” campaign to target what problem?

7) In a storybook series, what homegrown star carried his team to the NBA title last week?

8) As the Brexit vote took place what US politico was in Scotland on a business trip?

9) John Lewis led a sit-in by Democrats on the House floor this week. Lewis learned this strategy as the head of what civil rights organization in the 60s?

10) Corey Lewandowski, former head of the Donald Trump campaign, landed a plum job with what cable newser?

11) Tuesday Trump promised what group that he would allow them to be involved in politics and still be tax free?

12) Which rogue nation launched a couple of medium range missiles last week?

13) Boeing sold $25 billion worth of aircraft to what former foe’s national airline?

14) How did America do in the Copa America soccer tournament?

15) July 2, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed what far reaching legislation spurred by the previous year’s murder go Medgar Evers?

16) The new head of the Trump campaign in Iowa is a scion of what political family?

17) What former presidential contender put his running shoes back on for the senate race in Florida?

18) Steve King tried to pretend he wasn’t playing the racist card when he introduced an amendment that would have effectively blocked who from the $20 bill?

19) The Supreme Court handed down some decisions this week, including a surprise that upheld what for admission to colleges?

20) 30 people burned their feet in a fire walking demonstration during a seminar by what well known motivational speaker?

BONUS: The Brexit vote may be used as a cause for a redo of what vote for independence in 2014?

This has been one historic week. Hope it settles down a bit.


1) New York City

2) June 28, 1969

3) UKIP or the United Kingdom Independence Party

4) It’s Canada Day July 1. Happy 149th birthday ya pup!

5) He was accidentally shot and killed

6) terrorism in Iowa.

7) LeBron James of Cleveland

8) Donald Trump was opening a golf course

9) SNCC or the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee

10) CNN – so much for objective

11) tax-exempt groups especially churches

12) North Korea

13) Iran

14) they got creamed by Argentina in the semis 4-0

15) The 1964 Civil Rights bill

16) Branstad (Eric)

17) Little Marco Rubio ( sorry I couldn’t resist)

18) Harriet Tubman

19) affirmative action

20) Tony Robbins – if you wonder how its done watch this but don’t do it at home or anywhere else!

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