Iowa’s GOP: Party First

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Recent actions within the Iowa Republican Party serve to illustrate that their focus is totally on party with little thought of the consequences for the state and the country. Actions by Republican office holders and candidates taken individually are often head slappers, but viewed collectively the pattern emerges that allegiance to party is much more important than the good of the state or country.

The most glaring example of their party first mentality is Iowa’s oldest politician, Chuck Grassley. Taking his orders from Mitch McConnell, Grassley has willingly taken up a potential career suicide mission blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Actually Grassley has made it his mission to block any Obama nominations to any federal bench, thus creating a federal judicial emergency. However, nominations to the Supreme Court are more in the open than the other federal court nominations and any monkeying with the standard procedure becomes big news.

I would daresay that Grassley is fully cognizant that he has bent the rules way past a tipping point. He appears to feel he can get away with it based on his personal popularity at home and a bet that the voting populace will not revolt. Grassley’s very cynical move to put party first may well be a bad bet on his part. Thanks to Iowa’s status as the first in the nation presidential test, most Iowans like to pride themselves on their political savvy. One way that savvy shows up is when Iowans call out BS on the part of politicians. Iowans across the spectrum have called BS on Grassley on this.

Heck, when Grassley tries to defend his position in public it doesn’t even sound like he believes what he is doing is right, but he is taking orders.

Another excellent example is 3rd district congress member David Young switching his vote from yea to nay on concerning LGBTQ protections in a defense spending bill. Republicans suspended the clock on the vote and six Republican members were “persuaded” to change their votes. As explained in a dailykos article concerning this switch:

“Oh, and if you’re wondering why the GOP was so insistent on making sure the Maloney amendment failed, Rep. Charlie Dent, one of the provision’s Republican supporters, explained that the more conservative members of his party didn’t want to get stuck voting for a defense bill with a pro-LGBT amendment attached to it. So House GOP leaders figured they’d sacrifice a few congressman in bluer seats to protect the ultra-wingnuts from possible primary challenges. The Republican war rages on—and only Democrats stand to benefit.”

Finally there is the question of the GOP’s presidential choice with Donald Trump. Trying to cover Trump’s huge inadequacies as a presidential candidate Republicans in this state have come up with a clever little slogan – “Anybody But Hillary.” Really?

Donald Trump himself has created enough division not only in his own party but throughout the country with his speeches that endorse hate for groups based on their religion or origin and denigrate women. Trump has also offered an economic plan that could trigger the worst depression ever. This from the same party that gave us the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Anybody? How about word salad Palin? She almost became vice-president within a heartbeat of being president. Yet to hear her speak it is quite clear she has little idea what she is talking about.

Anybody? David Duke maybe? Would Republicans back a man who is openly racist?

Anybody? Bobby Jindal was among the choices for president this year. This is a person who led Louisiana for 8 years and left it in tatters.

Really Republicans, it is way beyond time to put away trite phrases and show concern for the country. Time to stand up for the people of the United States. Lincoln showed the way. Believe me, Donald Trump is no Lincoln. Sadly Trump even pales in comparison to George W. Bush a president who gets plenty of votes when people talk about the worst president ever.

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