Sunday Funday: Memorial Day Edition

pretty much says it all from one who knew

pretty much says it all from one who knew

Were you paying attention?

1) Which old foe of the US had a US arms embargo against them lifted last week?

2) One of the most severe food crises in decades appears to be gathering steam on what continent?

3) “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Happy 280th birthday today to what revolutionary figure who spoke those words?

4) It is incredibly hot in India and critters get cranky. A camel did what to his owner after the camel was left out in the heat all day?

5) Sometimes the campaigns get silly, we hope anyway. What businessman was floated as a possible veep for Hillary Clinton?

6) The Chilcot Report in Britain, to be released in July, may lead to calls for investigation of what former Prime Minister for war crimes?

7) The US Supreme Court threw out a Virginia congressional map for what is known as what practice?

8) Schools in 20 states were disrupted Monday by what?

9) At a rally in North Dakota, Donald Trump stated “ You have to be,” what “to be great?”

10) In the ironically ironic file. Who was fired as Baylor’s president this week due to ignoring a sex scandal in the Baylor football program?

11) Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Dylan Roof. What did Roof do?

12) The Center for Disease Control released smoking data for 2015. What percentage of people currently smoke in the US?

13) At the Iowa Republican state convention last week Chair Jeff Kaufmann claimed that Donald Trump was “a heck of a lot better than “ who?

14) Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero was found not guilty in the highly publicized death of who?

15) President Obama, on his trip to Asia, visited what infamous site Friday?

16) What percentage of Americans smoked fifty years ago?

17) Donald Trump picked up another notorious endorsement when what embattled Pharma CEO endorsed him?

18) In SCOTUS news, a death sentence in Georgia was nullified because the jury was what?

19) According to a GAO report released this week, the computer systems that launch nuclear missiles are run by what outdated technology?

20) The Federal Reserve released a study Wednesday that showed that nearly half of America’s households would struggle if they had an unexpected expense of how much?

21) One question on Memorial Day. When did Memorial Day become an official federal holiday?

It is somewhat surprising that the anyone is still smoking tobacco in this country.


1) Vietnam

2) Africa due to climate change

3) Patrick Henry

4) bit his head off and killed him

5) Mark Cuban

6) Tony Blair

7) gerrymandering

8) robocalled bomb threats

9) wealthy. So Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi was not great

10) Ken Starr – the lawyer who relentlessly pursued Bill Clinton’s sex life.

11) Last June, Roof went into a black church in South Carolina and murdered 9 members in a racially motivated attack

12) 15% – the lowest ever and dropping fast

13) Hillary Clinton – and he said it with a straight face

14) Freddie Gray

15) Hiroshima where the first nuclear bomb used in war was used

16) 42.4%

17) Martin Shkreli the ‘pharma bro’ who jacked the prices of needed drugs through the roof

18) all white with blacks purposely excluded from serving – Thomas dissented

19) the old 8 inch floppy discs that really flopped

20) $400 in unexpected expenses.

21) Memorial Day was not an official federal holiday until 1971.

Smoking costs the US well over $300 billion per year in lost work days and medical expenses.

Have a safe and solemn holiday all.

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