Branstad Doesn’t Veto Medicaid Oversight


A couple of interesting items that took place Friday.

Governor Branstad signed the Medicaid oversight bill Friday. Since Branstad pushed the privatization and prioritization of Iowa’s medicaid program through as if he answered to no one there was much trepidation that he would veto the bill that established much needed oversight.

In a statement released yesterday, Progress Iowa executive director Matt Sinovic said:

“We’re glad Governor Branstad listened to the will of Iowans and the legislative process. Progress Iowa is pleased that Govenor Branstad both signed all of the Medicaid oversight provisions into law and did it in a relatively timely manner on this Friday. The Governor’s privatization scheme remains a serious mistake that has caused a multitude of problems for the 560,000 Iowans who depend upon it, but at least we can move forward with some semblance of oversight and transparency.”

Muscatine Campaign Office Opens

In an unrelated but interesting event, the Muscatine County Democrats opened their office in Muscatine for the 2016 campaign season. Such events are usually ho-hum affairs with the same folks attending that attend most such events.

However last night’s opening drew over 60 people, many of whom were new faces. There was an electricity in the room as guest speakers Sen. Bob Dvorsky and Sen. Joe Bolkcom spoke on behalf of Muscatine’s senate candidate incumbent Sen. Chris Brase. Both spoke of Senator Brase’s tenacity in getting the aforementioned oversight bill put together and then passed.

The crowd was then treated to a speech by Congressman Dave Loebsack who spoke on how important this election is at both the state and national levels.

The significance was in the size of the crowd on a Friday evening of a holiday weekend and the mix of the crowd which was younger than the normal crowd. Let us hope this bodes well for this year’s campaigns.

Senator Chris Brase

Senator Chris Brase

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