Sunday Funday: May Day! May Day! Edition

May 1 is also an international day in honor of workers

May 1 is also an international day in honor of workers

May Day! Republicans obstruct at state level!
May Day! Koch money will be big in state races!
May Day! Voting rights in danger across the country!
May Day! Money corrupts politics to the core!
May Day! Climate warming rapidly with no stopping in sight!
May Day! Gun Violence in America out of control!
May Day! Labor unions decline hurting all Americans!
May Day! Income inequality worst since 1929!

May Day used to be an international day to honor workers. Well, as Warren Buffet once said, there has been a class warfare and my class won.

Were you paying attention?

1) Stop Trump! What two campaigns aligned to do just that last week?

2) Which US retailer said their transgendered customers could use the bathroom of their choice, prompting immediate protests?

3) Former Pennsylvania senator Harris Wofford stunned many when he announced that he would be getting married (yesterday) to whom?

4) Prince’s death stunned the world last week. Unknown to most, Prince was a devout practitioner of what Christian sect?

5) What national restaurant chain announced it would close 27 restaurants and layoff 1100 workers?

6) What car maker joined Volkswagen in admitting it falsified test results, in this case on fuel consumption, for 25 years?

7) In the Republican party primary in the 4th congressional district, what major Iowa politician refuses to endorse incumbent Steve King?

8) What legendary Indiana athletic figure said he will campaign for Donald Trump prior to Tuesday’s primary?

9) What legendary labor leader was born on May 1st, 1830 in Cork Ireland? A national muckraking magazine in the US is named in this leader’s honor.

10) Republicans in the Iowa House chose to address the water crisis in Des Moines by doing what?
11) John Boehner insulted Lucifer by comparing what presidential candidate to him?

12) The city of Cleveland settled with the family of Tamir Rice for how much in Rice’s death?

13) Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was sentenced to how long in prison in his banking laws case?

14) A fraud case against what presidential candidate was allowed to proceed to trial Tuesday in New York? The case involved a fake “university.”

15) President Obama will be visiting what crisis stricken US city this Wednesday?

16) Prince’s studio in suburban Minneapolis is know as what?

17) Ted Cruz pulled out the woman card and named who as his running mate?

18) Five years ago tomorrow, President Obama came on TV in the evening to announce the death of what man?

19) Tennessee’s governor signed a bill into law that allows counselors to deny service based on what?

20) May 5th, 55 years ago – America stops and watches the launch and 15 minute flight of what man’s suborbital flight?

21) A report Friday highlighted a little known effect of climate change, the deoxygenation of what area of the earth?

22) Looks like a bill to legalize what July 4th favorite will not pass the Iowa legislature this year?

23) Marco Rubio finally dropped his 10 month hold on the nominee for ambassador to what country?

24) In Kenya Friday, officials burned what poached material to send a message that they will not tolerate poaching?

25) The Large Hadron Collider in Bern Switzerland was shut down overnight Thursday due to what?

Enough with the questions! We need answers!

1) Kasich and Cruz. Little late fellows.

2) Target

3) a man, Matthew Charlton, 50 years his junior. Wofford was previously married to a woman.

4) Jehovah’s Witnesses

5) Bob Evans

6) Mitsubishi

7) Gov. Branstad

8) Bobby Knight. Look for a ceremonial chair toss at their joint appearances

9) Mary Harris (Mother) Jones

10) reorganize the Des Moines Water Works Board to cut the urban influence on the board.

11) Ted Cruz

12) $6,000,000

13) 15 months

14) Donald Trump for his Trump University

15) Flint, Michigan

16) Paisley Park

17) Carly Fiorina

18) Osama Bin Laden

19) religious grounds

20) Alan Shepard

21) the oceans

22) fireworks

23) Mexico. Yep, another aspect of Republican obstruction.

24) ivory – some 100 tons (200,000 pounds)

25) a small animal (possibly a weasel) chewed through a power cable.

Cooked weasel for supper again?

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