And Now, The Media Must Create A Horse Race!

Another president from New York. How did that work out?

Another president from New York. How did that work out?

Well, it looks to be all over but the shouting. Unless Calgary Ted Cruz actually has some real clout with a god that can actually do something, we can expect to see Donald Trump add Republican Presidential Nominee to his resume of playboy, bully, braggart, heir to a fortune, reality TV star, businessman and litigant in innumerable law suits.

On the other side of the coin Democrats are close to spurning the assault from the left by Senator Sanders. Therefore it looks like in about three months Hillary Clinton will add Democratic Party Presidential Nominee to her resume of First Lady, Senator from New York and Secretary of State.

On paper this looks like a real mismatch. Trump’s resume is really light, but seems to be an accurate reflection of his intellectual ability. In comparison, Clinton’s resume is truly heavy with experience and accomplishments. On paper this is shaping up to be a landslide.

This is not a situation that bodes well for the cable news networks and the echo chamber of Fox News and right-wing radio. News is a profit center for media these days. Nothing brings in eyeballs like close elections especially at the presidential level. Therefore, the closer a Clinton-Trump contest is, the more eyeballs will be looking at the cable news networks. The more eyeballs, the more a network can charge for an ad. Especially all those god-awful “issue oriented” PAC ads that we will be seeing until hell freezes over in November.

When the ends justify the means, we can expect news to be slanted to favor Trump as the cable newsers do whatever they can to nudge the race into a very competitive race. Morality means nothing here. Like in the Godfather “it’s business.” This is yet beyond the vested interest that corporate parents have in trying to get special interest Republicans elected.

We can also expect Republicans in congress to do anything and everything to bring charges against Hillary during the campaign. This will play right into the cable news need to create a a spectacle so they can sell their various potions and attack ads.

Strap yourselves in folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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