Bernie Sanders Tells Red Oak “It Is Your Kids They Will Send To War”

bernie and hillaryHere at Blog for Iowa, we are sort of split between Hillary and Bernie.  I am caucusing for Hillary.  But just because Hillary is my first choice doesn’t mean I have to talk trash about Bernie Sanders, and if you are a Bernie person, the same goes for you.  I encourage my fellow and sister Democrats to try to show some restraint in this regard. Constant bickering isn’t going to put one or the other over the top in Iowa, and it’s just going to make for hard feelings later when we will need everyone on board with the Democratic candidate to beat back the Republicans and keep them from appointing another Supreme Court justice, among other possible catastrophes.

Regardless of who you are supporting in the Iowa caucuses, there is no denying that Bernie is doing an incredible job telling the American people the unabashed truth.  I don’t know if he will win Iowa or the nomination or the presidency.  But we owe him our respect and gratitude in any event.

This video shows Bernie delivering a fine anti-war tirade to a good sized crowd with actual young people in it, in of all places, Red Oak, Iowa, home of Joni Ernst.  Sweet!


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3 Responses to Bernie Sanders Tells Red Oak “It Is Your Kids They Will Send To War”

  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    “I encourage my fellow and sister Democrats to try to show some restraint in this regard.”

    Until I read that sentence, I had no idea this website was a “Girls Only” club.

    Way to alienate half (49%?) your potential readership.

    And buh-bye.


  2. Michael Garcia says:

    There are significant differences between Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton.
    Hillary is far more aligned with Republican thinking than Democrats, Progressives, Liberals.. From her foolish notion of a “no fly zone” to wanting to send “Ground Forces” into Syria/Iraq and to Approving as Secretary of State major weapons sales to middle east countries which fund terrorism. Hillary did and will push for TPP thus escalating the damage Bill did with NAFTA and tax cuts for rich people in the 90’s. And of course the ending of Glass-Steagall and ending “welfare”which caused major increases in poverty which we are being damaged with today. Bill helped destroy the safety net this country had and needs.. Hillary will continue down those same Republican roads..

    Bernie sanders does indeed want a more Progressive Country where we share our burdens and our accomplishments.. will we pay a bit more in taxes, probably.. will we see a more equal sharing of our prosperity Definitely.. Infrastructure Rebuilding will create jobs while improving our way of life and if some of that is done on energy needs for the future such as wind turbine, solar panel deployment our electric grid will be far more reliable and our air and water will be cleaner.. his plan to implement a small .05% tax on computer generated speculative wall street trades will pay for everyone to afford college and we do need an educated workforce if we are to be competitive and have a vobrant economy.. and one more thing.. he won’t be drowning our country in our childrens blood from endless wars which are never won and protect dictators in the middle east..

    Thank you for allowing my comments..
    as for the “girls Only Club” thats nonsense.. you’re a girl and you are making a personal reference and the others commenters should have caught that..

    Respectfully, Michael Garcia


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