Rick Perry Invited To Walk With Ed Fallon Along Bakken Pipeline Route

fallon forumFrom Ed Fallon:

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has joined the board of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company that wants to slice an oil pipeline through the heart of Iowa. One school of thought is that, since presidential wannabees usually divest themselves of the trappings of controversial affiliations rather than acquire them, Perry is not going to run for president. Another school of thought (mine) says that most politicians are so beholden to corporate donors that they’re willing to tick-off a chunk of voters rather than offend the monied teats upon which they suckle.

And suckle he did! In 2012, Kelcy Warren, the head of ETP, nurtured Perry’s 2012 presidential campaign with a generous flow of $250,000. That kind of money will buy a lot of attack ads. But how many private-property rights caucus goers is Perry willing to alienate in order to please this particular cash cow?

Well, here’s one potential Republican caucus goer who Perry just lost: ME! Yup. I’m a registered independent. And if the Democratic Establishment opts for the coronation of Hillary Clinton and effectively excludes other Democrats from running, why bother going to the Democratic caucus? The only place left for an open-minded, action-seeking type like me is the same place I went in 2012: the Republican caucus. There, I helped Ron Paul win my precinct, served as secretary, and successfully introduced resolutions defending property rights, limiting a city’s annexation authority, and defending a same-gender couple’s right to marry.

So, Gov. Perry, please come walk with me. Join me in March for a mile of Iowa county road somewhere along the route of the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline. Let’s talk about how strongly Iowans feel about fairness – and how wrong it is that the Texas oil company on whose board you now serve is willing to condemn farmground – some of the best in the galaxy – for a pipeline that doesn’t benefit Iowans, and will potentially do us a whole lot of harm. It would be good for you to see the rich, black soil that would be compromised, and to meet some of the landowners whose lives and livelihoods would be disrupted. And let’s talk about climate change. Yeah, I know, some Republicans still think it’s a hoax. But for details on that, google “Texas drought and climate change,” and see what that bastion of liberal thinking – USA Today – has to say.

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– A representative with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition discusses the significance of the Justice Department’s release last week of new policies to reform civil asset forfeiture laws, which allow state and local police to seize assets from individuals without charging them with a crime – and use the proceeds for their own departments. Hmm. Your liquidated love seat buying coffee and donuts for the local PD? How’s that grab ya?

– Finally, Zac Couture with Lutheran Services in Iowa joins us to discuss his work with refugees through the Global Greens program and market. Learn about how some new Iowans are staying in touch with their agricultural roots, and how what they’re growing can add new flavor and diversity to your dining table.

Ed Fallon, "People need to be thinking of what changes they can make in their own life."

Ed Fallon, “People need to be thinking of what changes they can make in their own life.”

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