Republicans Playing Games With YOUR Lives

There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans you say? So you stayed away from voting last fall because, well, what difference does it make anyway? Or maybe you voted for a Republican because they are strong on terrorists (BS) or won’t raise taxes (no but they still spend) or some other silly reason.

What you didn’t know about Republicans and what they did not tell you, nor did our media is that they are death on poor people. The word death is appropriate here as Republicans do all they can to cut off any form of aid to those that do not fit the Republican voter model. Day 1 of the newly minted majority Republican congress and their arrow went straight for the target painted on the backs of the disabled who dare get money from Social Security. They scored a bullseye. Yet it went mostly unreported by a complacent corporate owned media. Such cuts will for most recipients hurt deeply. Many barely survive now.

Behind the scenes and out of the spotlight they worked their evil. Like cowards they passed a “rule” – something that most Americans will not understand. They passed it with no one looking (or at least tried to) and with no debate or even any statements. The “rule” stops money from being re-allocated from the Social Security general funds to the Social Security Disability Insurance fund to cover potential shortfalls. There seems to be a shortfall yearly and no one ever noticed it, because the money would ebb and flow. With the new rule that will no longer happen. Any shortfalls will come out of the individual checks mailed to the recipients. Estimates of shortfalls range from 20% and up.

So just imagine if you were barely existing on an SSDI check of $1200 a month. That needs to stretch to cover food, utilities (including heat), rent, medications and any insurances. Sound tough, even impossibly crazy? Then let’s take $240 out of that. Now try to stretch it out.

But of course Republicans did this with almost no one reporting on it. In about a year from now when these cuts kick in we can expect Republicans to blame Democrats. See, they want to use starving people as a bargaining chip with Democrats to get bigger and bigger tax cuts for the that massively oppressed group, the wealthy. But if that were not enough, Republicans have already said they will also allow SNAP benefits to expire. So add starving children to starving disabled people that will be used as a bargaining chip. Sounds a bit like terrorism to me.

Behind closed doors, in the dark, the party that claims to admire the brave uses tricks to starve the disabled and children. Cowardly, cowardly, cowardly.

And they claim to be the party of the religious, in particular Christianity. Really? Tell me any place in any bible where Christ or any of his followers recommended using tricks to starve a segment of the population? The actions they have taken – as a party mind you – shows that their Christianity is merely a coat to be put on and removed to fool people about what the coat is covering.

If you didn’t vote, or if you voted for a Republican you need to look inside your soul and ask yourself,  “Is this what I really want. Starving disabled and starving children? Americans purposely starving Americans?” Then be sure to call your senators and representatives and tell them you are ashamed, ashamed of them representing you in this way. And if you are religious you may want to pray for forgiveness.

How can Republicans rant against extremist violence and then pull a trick like this?

And if your reason for not acting is that it doesn’t affect you, never forget the words of Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Finally a couple of thoughts from Elizabeth Warren:

“It’s ridiculous – but not surprising – that on the very first day of the new Congress, Republicans are manufacturing a Social Security crisis to threaten benefits for millions of disabled Americans – including 233,260 in Massachusetts alone,” Warren said on Facebook. “We can’t turn our backs on the promises we’ve made to our families, friends, and neighbors who need our help the most. House Republicans should stop playing political games to put America’s most vulnerable at risk.”

“The GOP is inventing a Social Security crisis that will threaten benefits for millions & put our most vulnerable at risk.”

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  1. Hugo S LaVia says:

    I come to this website to get informed, which I need. (We all do.) But I leave feeling worse than before I got here. And that’s not easy — already I’m 57, highly-educated yet unable to get a job, poor (living off my ‘retirement’ money), existing on food stamps and dressed in three layers of clothes because — even though I’m getting HEAP, I still can’t turn up the thermostat in my home — a home that I am just a few months from losing. And the next time I vote for a republican’t will be the first time!


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