Sen. Bernie Sanders Will Speak At Johnson County Democrats Annual Fall BBQ

Things I love to hearICYMI:  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made his first appearance ever on Meet The Press earlier this month. Sanders told the truth about Citizens United and the Koch brothers.  Why after all these years did MTP  finally decide to invite the Independent Democratic Socialist on the show?  Do not think that the media is becoming more liberal.  It is more likely that it is because, as Chuck Todd proclaimed, “he could cause Hillary Clinton some trouble.”

Senator Sanders will also be a guest at the Johnson County Democrats Annual Fall BBQ this Saturday. Click here for tickets.

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3 Responses to Sen. Bernie Sanders Will Speak At Johnson County Democrats Annual Fall BBQ

  1. mark brooks says:

    I would recommend going if you can get around paying for a ticket. It seemed to me he spoke not just from his gut but also his heart. I havent voted “for” a president since McGovern in 1972. If Bernie runs as a Democrat he will be the 2nd.


  2. Trish Nelson says:

    Bernie is probably not running for president, but he has been using his platform to tell everyone to get out and vote because he knows that not voting not only helps Republicans, but also makes Democrats less able to enact a progressive agenda. He has seen up close and personal the unprecedented obstructionism of anything President Obama has tried to accomplish by the Republicans. He knows what will happen to this country if we keep electing Republicans. Right now the reality is that the Democrats are the only thing standing in the way of complete oligarchy. In Iowa a slim Dem. majority in the senate has held off the Branstad/ALEC agenda time and again. If you want Democrats to be better you have to participate in the electoral process and you have to vote. There is no other way. My .02.


  3. Paul Deaton says:

    For people who don’t have the means, the Johnson County Democrats don’t expect a donation at this (or any) fundraiser to attend.


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