Anti-O'Malley Demonstration Planned For Iowa Democratic Convention

food and water watch(Editor’s Note: The following came to our inbox from Matt Ohloff, regional organizer for Food and Water Watch in Des Moines. It has been edited for length).

Action alert: Iowans should know that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, keynote speaker at the June 21 Iowa democratic Party convention, is more concerned with protecting his Big Ag and factory farm polluter friends in Maryland, than he is concerned about protecting the people of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay from factory farm pollution.

WHAT: Rally and demonstration at Iowa Democratic Party State Convention for Governor O’Malley’s keynote address.

WHERE: The Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center, 703 3rd St, Des Moines IA 50309.

WHEN: We’ll be outside the entrance on the east side of the building as attendees enter for registration in the morning from 7 until 9 a.m. (Registration is from 7:30 until 9 a.m.) We will be there with signs and passing out flyers to attendees informing them of O’Malley’s record on factory farms in his state of Maryland.

O’Malley has styled himself as a progressive in his home state, but when it comes to issues of food, water and corporate power he has consistently represented corporate interests over the public. As he travels the country introducing himself to America as a potential presidential candidate, his record in Maryland shows that, when it comes to standing up to corporations, O’Malley’s just a big chicken.

O’Malley is beholden to the factory farm industry and does their bidding in the state legislature. He’s kicked the can down the road on whether or not to approve fracking. He’s put all the cards in place to establish Maryland’s eastern shore as a shale gas export

Consumer and environmental advocates are planning on rallying outside the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center to demonstrate and show Iowans what the governor is really like.

Matt Ohloff
Regional Organizer, Food & Water Watch
Des Moines

Matt Ohloff discussed his organization’s issues with Gov. O’Malley in more detail on last night’s Fallon Forum:

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