There Can Be No Winners In A Nuclear War

Iowa City Nuclear Free Sign(Editor’s Note: This article by colleague Steven Starr first appeared on June 11 in Truthout. Starr summarized why there is a real threat of nuclear war, and how it would be devastating. While Starr is a bit alarmist, he reminds us that we must commit ourselves to preventing what we can not cure and abolish nuclear weapons).

There Can be No Winners in a Nuclear War
By Steven Starr

Nuclear war has no winner. Beginning in 2006, several of the world’s leading climatologists (at Rutgers, UCLA, John Hopkins University, and the University of Colorado-Boulder) published a series of studies that evaluated the long-term environmental consequences of a nuclear war, including baseline scenarios fought with merely 1% of the explosive power in the US and/or Russian launch-ready nuclear arsenals. They concluded that the consequences of even a “small” nuclear war would include catastrophic disruptions of global climate and massive destruction of Earth’s protective ozone layer. These and more recent studies predict that global agriculture would be so negatively affected by such a war, a global famine would result, which would cause up to 2 billion people to starve to death.

These peer-reviewed studies – which were analyzed by the best scientists in the world and found to be without error – also predict that a war fought with less than half of US or Russian strategic nuclear weapons would destroy the human race. In other words, a US-Russian nuclear war would create such extreme long-term damage to the global environment that it would leave the Earth uninhabitable for humans and most animal forms of life.

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