Ernst Should Apologize Immediately

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Des Moines, IA — Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement today, calling on State Senator Joni Ernst to apologize for characterizing the recent shooting at the University of California, Santa Barbara, as an accident in last night’s US Senate primary debate:

“Joni Ernst was presented with a simple question during last night’s debate: in light of recent shootings, including most recently at the University of California Santa Barbara, would she change a recent campaign ad where she points a gun directly at television viewers?”

“Not once did Ernst offer her condolences to the victims of the shooting and their families. Instead, she quickly bragged about her endorsement from the National Rifle Association, eager to score political points on a question asked about a tragedy.”

“Her statement represents hyper partisanship at its worst. Ernst should apologize immediately and retract her callous characterization of the murder of six people as an accident. Her statement does a disservice to the victims, their families, and does not reflect the compassion and values of Iowans.”


Background: GOP Senate Candidate: UCSB Shooting An ‘Unfortunate Accident’

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