Hillary-ClintonKarl Rove made an absolutely insane statement earlier this week. Since it was so out there only about 1/3 of Americans will believe it instead of the usual half. As you may well know, what Rove said was:

“Thirty days in the hospital?” he asked, as quoted by the Post. “And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have a traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

When the hew and cry went up against the smear that Rove launched he tried to walk his comment back a bit claiming that he never said “brain damage.” But the implication was there and no doubt he would have let it ride had there not been such an outcry. Rove used to use rumor campaigns to get stories like this out there – one example being the John McCain “black baby” story in South Carolina in 2000.But he no longer seems to have the press at his fingertips and had to go out in public with his accusation. He used to be able to claim it wasn’t him doing the dirt, but in this case it is a quote.

Couple things about this. First it is a flat out lie. Rove knows it. He is among the dirtiest ever in politics in this country and I am sure he is proud of it. There is nothing wrong with Hillary.

Second, coupled with the recycling of Monica Lewinsky a week before the Republicans are playing their hands awfully early. No doubt they are trying to gin up hate for Hillary to affect the off-year elections this fall. They have totally lost their big issues – health care, the economy, immigration, climate change, gays and even guns. On all these issues they are on the wrong side of the electorate let alone history.

So they need something, damn near anything, to get their base out this election aside from changing any independents. So some genius, maybe Rove himself, decided to start the 2016 anti-Hillary presidential campaign two years early. So they rolled out Lewinsky and it dropped like a lead balloon. Looking to build on that success, Rove saw the perfect time to use some not so well crafted innuendo. Usually his work is a little better contrived, but in this case he had to go full bore because, well, the Tea Bag base isn’t maybe as sharp as it used to be at picking up the signals.

There is one last thing that we need to understand about the Rove maneuver. Had it worked the way it intended, it would have turned our focus from winning this fall to defending Hillary against all attackers two years before her campaign. Rove failed miserably in this attempt. First the Lewinsky gambit reminded folks that she had nothing to do with it, that she handled it with dignity while Republican politicians and press rained attacks on her and Bill and that the whole affair should have been a private matter.

When Rove brought up her health it gave voters a chance to remember a vibrant Secretary of State who is about to become a grandmother.

And finally it highlighted that once again the Republican-Tea Bag Party is ready to lie about any thing and willing to spend almost any amount of money to buy our government. These tricks also reminded us who it is that wants to buy control of the government. It is the richest .1% of our populace. They want to control government for their own purposes, all of which will be detrimental to the vast majority of Americans.

So thanks for your clownish lies, Mr. Rove. You have helped sharpen our focus to elect good candidates like Jack Hatch against the perpetually lying Terry Branstad; Dave Loebsack against whichever of the tea bag tools opposes him and Bruce Braley against whichever tea bag tool that opposes him. I almost forgot Jim Mowrer in his quest to finally retiore the tea baggiest of all, Steve King and Stacie Appel out there in the third district.She has a great shot at being Iowa’s first female in Congress.

We also can’t forget our local races from statehouse to court house. I have a dream. The Dream has Governor Jack Hatch giving the state of the state to two houses of democratic legislatures next January. A little later President Obama will give his state of the nation address to a House and a Senate in Democratic hands.

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