People Turn Out For Reclassification And Real Net Neutrality

al franken on net neutralityThe fight to save the internet is in its final stage as of yesterday. The FCC has voted for 120 days of public input. This is going to take all of us. Please participate by contacting the FCC, President Obama, your senators and representative in congress.  The FCC, the president, and our representatives are being pressured and lobbied every day by highly paid, skilled and motivated for-profit organizations who want their way.   They are supported by tea party conservative ideologues and corporate shills who live in districts telling our representatives that net neutrality is a bad idea.  If we do not participate, we are helping them win.

Contact the FCC

Link to the FCC proceeding Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Ask your congressman to sign the letter to the FCC from the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Call your congressman

Call FCC Chair Tom Wheeler

Tell President Obama: Don’t Kill the Internet

Sign the petition to the FCC: The internet is a public utility


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