Eye-opening chart

The charts below have been out on the internet recently. Not sure where they originated. But in a couple of simple pictures you can see that the so-called “free market” and unrestrained capitalism leads to solutions that are best for capitalists and worst for all the rest. Not only that but as companies, especially financial companies, get larger and larger they become increasingly hard to control by any single government. What I am saying is essentially what has been playing out in real life over the past three decades.  These images are easier to see at policymic.com

corporate ownership in few hands

corporate ownership in few hands

too big to fail

Now if you want to scare yourself, and get a hint where our economy is going, take a look at the interlocking directorates among the above companies. The website www.theyrule.net explodes out to see the connections between one person or company. Simply click on a person or a company and you will get the idea quickly.


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