Freedom And Health Care Go Hand In Hand

freedomWhy does the song lyric “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”  keep running through my head these days?

Government is not “the problem.”  Government is the tool we have for managing our society.

Taxes are not evil, but an unjust system of who pays them is.

We have a very complex society these days compared to the years between the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers.  The definition of “the common welfare” needs to include a different depth and perspective than it did before.

Our health care system needs to be separated from the insurance business.

People don’t die from a lack of insurance, they die from lack of medical care.

Freedom is expanded when we choose jobs because of  interests, abilities and personal  family needs, rather than on what healthcare benefits are offered.

Freedom and prosperity win when people don’t face bankruptcy over pre-existing conditions, or reaching insurance company pay-out limits.  Freedom is having a doctor advise you on health issues, rather than an insurance company employee.

I trust my insurance agent and company to advise and insure me in many areas of my life, but they add nothing to the healthcare issue beyond increased cost.

Laura Twing lives in Cedar county, with her husband and various animal companions.

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