Yes, Virginia, We Need Mental Health Care

just curious

just curious

Following the mass shooting in Washington,D.C. I have heard and read many folks on both sides claim that one big missing ingredient in the USA that may help prevent such incidents is access to mental health. Remember that President Saint Ronald Reagan cut funding so those who were poor and needed help no longer could access a publicly funded mental health facility.

Now even Republicans seem to agree that access to mental health could possibly save some lives. Yet they stand totally opposed to the ACA which could restore some of that access. I am trying to think if that is the definition of hypocrisy or irony.. Wait, I do believe it is the definition of stupidity.

War OK; Poverty Not
Anyone beside me remember way back before last month when Republicans up and down the board were more than ready to send our young people to war in Syria? That was of course until Obama started considering it. But that is beside the point. They had no problem with the money it would cost.

Apparently we need to be ready to do whatever we must to annihilate all our enemies at any time. Money should never be a question. But when it comes to feeding those who are down on their luck in our society, Republicans claim we have not a penny. Let them starve in their own houses they say, children and all. Maybe the brains(?) behind the Republicans can see a way to marry the two positions. They should sponsor a bill that anyone applying for assistance be automatically enrolled in the armed forces. The whole family, parents and children. That way the whole family could go to the next war together and we wouldn’t have to worry about recruiting. Plus, there is always endless money for war.

Shame, Shame, Shame
Of course Steve King and Tom Latham voted to take food out of the mouths of children. They are brainless followers pure and simple. What I don’t understand is that I believe they both claim to be Christians. While I am a big believer in separation of church and state, I am surprised that their supposed Christian beliefs mean so little to them or to their party which constantly trumpets their churchiness.

So in that vein, I did some searching on the internet to see if the bible or any other books of religion have passages about feeding the poor. Darned if that isn’t one of the most universal of all teachings. One would think that with the Republicans being all churchy and feeding the poor being one of the almost universal teachings that they may have heard such a teaching sometime in their life.

But Republicans are very selective about how they apply things like the first amendment which has been many times interpreted to imply separation of church and state. So this is the point where they decide to apply separation of church of state.

If Republicans Truly Believed The Bible
They constantly claim that the US was founded on Christian principles. Of course this is not true, but if they were to govern in a Christian manner one precept they would most likely follow is the second great commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself.” For some reason I do not believe a one of them would starve themselves.

We are shooting each other at a pace that could easily suggest we are at war with each other. This is unlike any other country. We shoot and kill 30 or more daily. We have a multiple killing (defined as 4 or more at one time) almost daily. This week alone we had 12 murdered in Washington, D.C. and 13 shot but not killed in Chicago.

Blame has been aimed everywhere. One of the most ludicrous is to blame video games. They are played all over the world yet we are the only country with a problem. Were video games the problem we should certainly expect that Japan, Europe, Canada and Australia to have the same statistics as us. Yet they are nowhere near our stats.

One segment of society that I have not heard discussed as a possible cause is right wing hate radio and its TV counterparts Fox News and whatever Glenn Beck’s TV is. They constantly churn the fear of others. They emphasize divisions and use language that denigrates others. This plays well among those in our society who feel themselves to be some kind of avenger. If you remember what happened in Rwanda where radio was used to drive the division between tribes you understand what I am talking about.

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